The ecosystem for mobile apps is advancing quickly. The Internet of Things ecosystem, Blockchain, machine learning, and AI technologies, as well as AR and VR, are all seeing increasing usage. As a result, an army of millions of mobile app developers is growing.

The financial performance of Apple in the mobile technology market is soaring. As a result, software developers who want to be on the cutting edge of mobile are particularly drawn to iOS developer salaries. People who desire to earn one of the highest salaries in the software sector will find the pay attractive.

There will be 27 million mobile developers worldwide in 2022. With so many people involved in the mobile app ecosystem, answering questions like “what is the average income of an iOS developer?” is difficult. In this article, we’ll provide an answer.

Salary of an iOS Developer

Let’s examine the pay for iOS app developers in a few US cities. The US cities of San Francisco, Los Angeles, Austin, Chicago, New York, and Cupertino are home to a substantial number of mobile app developers. iOS developers in San Francisco earn an average salary of $141,000 annually.

Salary of an iOS app developer by location

Let’s start by discussing the mobile operating system from Apple. The income of iOS app developers varies depending on where they work. The US is the market leader, with iOS app developers earning an average salary of $115,000. Second place goes to Australian iOS programmers, who earn $87k annually.

Canadian and British app developers, who earn $77k and $78k annually, are the next highest earners behind Australian iOS developers. iOS developers in Germany can earn $66k a year. Last but not least, the lowest cost app development market is still India, where an iOS developer can expect to make $4k a year.

The US iOS app developer’s annual salary by experience

Now let’s discuss how experience with app development affects iOS app developers’ yearly salaries.

An entry-level iOS developer with 0–5 years of experience might anticipate earning around $69k per year. Additionally, an additional $15k in annual income is gained by having 5–10 years of expert knowledge. The average salary for iOS developers in the middle of their careers is $107,000. Once they enter the late career stage, they receive an additional $16k.

The average yearly wage for a mobile app developer in the US as of March 2022 was $121,000, whereas the salaries of their counterparts in other nations vary greatly. In Australia, it is $96,000; in India, it is $4,000. The amount of money paid to mobile app developers in various nations is influenced by the local economy and the size of the mobile app ecosystem.

All affluent nations have been devoured by the mobile ecosystem. A lot of emerging nations are moving toward achieving full mobility. Numerous variables open up many new opportunities for mobile app developers, including the chance to earn more money as a result of the increasing demand for the aforementioned technology.

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