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Learn about the step-by-step process of iOS app development and some tips and tricks on how you can do it successfully.

iOS is Apple's smartphone operating system, which runs on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch devices. Apple provides resources and tools for developing iOS apps and accessories for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch devices. You can program in native languages like Swift or Objective-C as an iOS developer. You can also use React Native (JavaScript) or Xamarin (C# & F#) to create cross-platform native apps.

We'll go over how to make iOS apps in this article. We'll also look at how you may learn to design an iOS app and experiment with existing ones. Learning to build iOS is difficult, just like learning anything new. Building iOS applications is entertaining, thrilling, and fulfilling, despite the fact that it is not simple.

The good news is that you don't need any prior coding knowledge to begin developing an iOS app. Here's a step-by-step tutorial to teach you how to make an iOS app. This guide will assist you in determining what you should do, what steps to take, and how to do them.

1. Setup your MAC for the app development

Because Apple favors a closed ecosystem rather than an open system, iOS can only be used on its own devices, such as the iPhone and iPad. We can use VMWare or Hackintosh to run Macs on window machines. These are not, however, recommended for iOS coding. A Mac is required for iOS app creation, debugging, and testing as an iOS developer.

 2. Setup your editor for the iOS application

You must first download Xcode in order to begin developing iOS apps. It is the only tool you will need to get started designing iOS applications. Apple's Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for Mac and iOS apps is called Xcode. Xcode contains the iOS SDK (Software Development Kit), as well as the tools, compilers, and frameworks required to design, build, code, and debug an iOS app.

3. Create your first iOS app

Click and launch Xcode once it's already installed. To make a new project, select the 'Create a new Xcode project' option, then the 'Single View App' option as the project type. When you click next, you'll be given one view controller and a storyboard to configure.

Keep in mind that you must use Objective-c or Swift to create a native iOS app. Apple has released Swift, a new and simple programming language. It grew in popularity in a short period of time.

4. Run the iOS application

To use the app on a real device, connect the device to your Mac via cable. It will appear in the list of device destinations automatically. After that, select the device and hit Command ⌘ + R. After that, you can proudly show off your first iOS app to your parents and friends!

Turning your app ideas into an actual iOS app is incredibly interesting and fulfilling. It's not just about the outcome. The gradual improvement, learning, and refining are what make it worthwhile. You'll get a unique, marketable iOS development skill in the process.

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    • LineCowley

      This has been an interesting read on iOS development. It has however left me feeling confused as to how to develop an iOS app. You mention that one must download and launch Xcode, but where does one find Xcode? Do you have a link that can be shared to easily access it? 

      You also mention that one has a storyboard to configure. But can you give more details as to how one would go about to configure a storyboard? Thank you. 

    • Rafael Jimenez Jr

      I tried to design a app before and it was a complete failure but the way this article is set up with step by step instructions. It definitely makes it seems more doable. I will follow the steps and see what I can create. Thank you for the information and looking forward to reading more articles

      • admin

        Hi Rafael! Thanks for sharing your feedback! Good luck on your app!

    • pasindu dimanka

      Thanks a lot for this valuable and comprehensive post about iOS App Development. In fact, app development is a field that may have a great demand in the future. I also learned about android app development through youtube. I thought iOS App Development was very difficult. But it’s even better than I thought. I will definitely try this. Keep posting like this.

      • admin

        Hi! Thanks for sharing your feedback!

    • Bojana

      As the number of smartphone users increases, so does the need for the most efficient display of content on them. Mobile apps for iOS are a great way to present content through a perfect look and design with a seamless user experience. In addition to strengthening your brand, this type of app allows you to connect with users, capture their attention with quality content, and encourage interaction.

      • admin

        Hi! I do agree! Thanks for sharing this.

    • Michel Maling

      Wow so does this now give anyone the power to design their own apps or is it a huge learning curve? I love Apple products and wish more people in South Africa would also convert as I am so tired of converting everything to pdf before I share. 
      Does it come  free or do you need to pay for the Xcode 13 coding app?

    • Martin Andersen

      Thank you for sharing an easy 4 step guide to start building your own apps for IOS. Very informative and a good overview of the steps.I have installed xcode13 as in step 2 and just learning a little about that. And then on to the next step with swiftUI. See you 🙂 

      • admin

        Hi Martin! Thanks for sharing your feedback. Goodluck!

    • testing

      I have always wanted to develop apps since I was a kid but I have always been procrastinating. This article just came like a blessing to me. The steps are pretty easy and also straight to the point, thank you so much for this amazing piece you put it together.

      • admin

        Hi! Thank you! Wishing you best of luck with your app.

    • Brooke

      I really loved the way you effectively laid out all the information. It was simple to read and easy to understand. However, for someone as app illiterate as I am, how easy is Xcode to use? It looks overwhelming already. Is it fairly user friendly to use?

      I would also need a “IOS app creation for dummies” book, as you use words like “view controller” and “storyboard”. I’d have to do some research before jumping into your breakdown. I’ll be saving your page for later use when I wrap my head around the terminology 🙂


      • admin

        Hi Brooke! Thanks! I believe Xcode is user-friendly but of course, you have to have prior research about it first. Wishing you the best!

    • Alison Avery

      Thanks for this guide! It reminds me that phone app development doesn’t have to be intimidating.

      As a beginner/intermediate JavaScript coder, you would think I would have jumped right into phone app development as I do most other things. But it always seems like phone apps are some kind of foreign land I’m not qualified to try my hand at. Makes no sense, I know, since phones are just mini-computers.

      I also appreciate what you say about, “The gradual improvement, learning, and refining are what make it worthwhile.” It reminds me it doesn’t have to be perfect (and probably won’t be) on the first go.

      • admin

        Hi Alison! I’m glad you shared this with us. Thank you!

    • D. L. Beals

      Interesting but rather vague on how to actually set up a working IOS App.  For a visual learner like myself, it would be more effective if you included more images or even, video clips with your talking head.   The topic is very interesting and to actually show the creation of an actual app from start to running would be very interesting and would entice me to try creating on my own. Its a great topic an beginning, but in my opinion needs more to keep my interest.

      • admin

        Hi! Thanks for sharing your feedback. I understand. I’ll consider your suggestion in the next posts. Thanks!

    • Stephanie

      This has always been something I’ve been curious about, but never quite had the opportunity to dive in more. I personally know nothing about coding – of any sorts, but the fact that it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to create an iOS app is truly mind-blowing. One thing I wasn’t aware was the fact that you had to crate the app on the iOS system itself. That’s interesting to know, it basically means that if you don’t have the iOS software than you cannot create an app, unless you use outsider programs but that’s not recommended. Is there any possible way you could create an app directly from an iPhone?

      • admin

        Hi Stephanie! Yes, you can. I have an upcoming post about creating mobile app using mobile phones and you can check it out.

    • sujith

      If you do not have apple physical device, there is a ios simulator available with an Xcode for running the ios application. I agree that it will be easy for beginners to start with a single-view app. But, to develop further you need to learn a swift programming language which is developed by Apple.

      In react native, you are able to develop in android and ios at the same time with the same code. React native uses javascript as a base language.

      Sujith 🙂

      • admin

        Hi Sujith! Thanks for sharing this!

    • Greg Cook

      I’ve always been curious about how to create an app and this post is exactly what I need. I will definitely follow your steps and begin learning about this. There are so many possibilities open to you once you have this knowledge. My home computer is not a Mac, it’s a PC, so does this mean it can’t be done on anything other than a mac device?

      • admin

        Hi Greg! I believe there will be some changes in the development process for those who are not using a mac device. Will try to make content for this one. Thanks!

    • IOS set up

      When reading this article I was hopeful in learning how to set up/ make an IOS app without knowing where to start but after reading this article half way through I was confused where to go next after making sure  I had a compatible source to use with the software building app process. For the most part it was informative and only 50% helpful because of my confusion of what to do next without specific details in case I make an error in the process of setting up app 

      • admin

        Hi! You can send us a message via email or phone so we can assist you with the information you need. Thanks!

    • Kevin

      Super cool that I came across this post… I was just thinking about some app ideas that could be turned into a business. In the past, I’ve dabbled a little bit in iOS development and programming in general, but I always got stuck at the actual app development part. What are some good resources to learn programming in Swift? Additionally, what do you think about hiring companies to build out app ideas for you? Thanks in advance!

      • admin

        Hi Kevin! You can try Code Academy online or read the book Swift in Depth. As for your other question, I believe it will be beneficial to outsource services like that if you are not yet that skilled or knowledgeable in app development or if you don’t have enough time. Thanks!

    • Chris Jones

      I must be the old guy as I get tired of looking for the app on my phone. To many F’en apps. Companies that don’t have a website that is easy to navigate will be extinct. Most companies have these glorious websites that mean absolutely nothing. All I want to know is their address, phone number, and hours—the Burger Kings app sucks along with Arby’s is a total waste of time. FYI, please develop them a better app. Chipolte has the best app I have seen and used.

      • admin

        Hi Chris! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    • Ashley

      Oh wow! This is so neat.  I had no idea I could create an app without using any coding whatsoever.  I will definitely be looking into swift further as it has become popular so quickly.  Unfortunately, I  am using windows everything right now but the ease of making ios apps using an ios ecosystem inspires me to invest in a new setup.  Would an app I create with ios swift be usable by Android users as well?

      p.s.  i am loving the design of your website.  The blocks of color make this article easy to read and the layout looks fantastic.  

      • admin

        Hi Ashley! Thanks for sharing your feedback. As for your question, that would depend on the type of app you made and the process you subscribed into.

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