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About Us

At Website Design Birmingham AL, we bring two years of dedicated experience to the realm of crafting exceptional online solutions. Our specialty lies in the dynamic intersection of website design and the vibrant world of food and beverage businesses. Through strategic design and intuitive functionality, we create digital platforms that tantalize taste buds and drive success. Elevate your culinary venture with our expert touch, merging creativity and technical prowess for a delectable online presence.

Our Services

Basic Web Redesign,
Design, and Development

Our Basic Web Redesign, Design, and Development package will bring your business' online presence into a higher level. For as low as $300, we will transform your website with a fresh design, seamless navigation, and responsive layout that captivates visitors. Boosting your digital visibility, we provide SEO optimization, ensuring your business is discoverable. Seamlessly integrate your social media platforms to foster customer engagement. With Google Analytics, track your website's performance and insights. Plus, enjoy a complimentary one-month technical support period, ensuring a smooth launch. Elevate your online identity with our comprehensive package, tailored to nourish your business's digital success.

Custom Web and Mobile App
Design and Development

Our Custom Web and Mobile App Design and Development package will elevate your customers' digital experiences and your business' online presence. Tailored to your unique needs, our services seamlessly blend aesthetics and functionality. Prices vary based on project complexity, ensuring a solution for every budget. Our all-inclusive package encompasses SEO optimization, social integration, and Google Analytics for your website. For mobile apps, we offer expert guidance from launch to publication. Plus, enjoy a complimentary one-month technical support period, ensuring a smooth transition into your digital journey. Ignite your brand's online presence today!

Our Work

Project 1

Project 2

Website Redesign
of a Local Cafe

Our recent project, in collaboration with Cafe Fusion, centered on elevating their digital presence to enhance customer engagement and streamline the online ordering experience. As part of our web and mobile app design services offered in Birmingham, AL, we transformed Cafe Fusion's website, prioritizing seamless navigation and an intuitive online ordering system. By blending aesthetic appeal with user-friendly functionality, we've empowered Cafe Fusion to effectively connect with their patrons, resulting in heightened customer satisfaction and increased order volumes. Our dedicated focus on food and beverage businesses in Alabama underscores our commitment to delivering tailored solutions that cater to the unique needs of local establishments.

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Custom Website and App for a Local Bakery 

Experience the delectable journey of TasteBuds Bakery brought to life through our seamless web and mobile app design. At Website Design Birmingham AL, we crafted an enticing digital presence for this Alabama-based bakery, perfectly blending aesthetics with functionality. From the tantalizing display of artisanal treats to an intuitive ordering process, our design elevates the bakery's online experience. Customers can explore a delectable menu, place orders effortlessly, and indulge in a user-friendly interface tailored to their cravings. Elevate your culinary venture with our bespoke web and mobile app solutions that capture the essence of TasteBuds Bakery's creations while delivering a smooth, satisfying interaction.

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Trusted by 7500+ Entrepreneurs
and Small Businesses Like You

Samantha hughes

"Working with Website Design Birmingham AL was a game-changer for us! Their expertise in crafting a visually stunning and user-friendly website perfectly showcased our culinary delights. The responsive design has boosted our online presence, making us the go-to spot in Birmingham. Thank you!"


"Exceptional design and seamless functionality – that's what Website Design Birmingham AL delivered for us. Our café's online ordering system and vibrant website design have significantly increased customer engagement and orders. Their team understood our vision and turned it into a digital reality."

emily thompson
(owner of tastebuds bakery)

"Working with Website Design Birmingham AL was a game-changer for my restaurant. Their expertise in web and app design truly captured the essence of our food business. The team's dedication and creativity delivered a stunning platform that elevated our online presence. Highly recommended!"

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  • Lizzy Stabel

    I really do need a redisign of my website, as it doesn’t look pretty. I really do like the style of your website and I see that you have answered every question that I might have right there on your homepage, thanks for that. Can I have a look at other examples of websites that you have created for other clients? thanks

    • admin

      Hi Lizzie! Thank you for your interest. We would like to accommodate you. Can you please send us a message through our email ( or contact us through our number? Thanks!

  • John

    Website Design Birmingham AL, builds websites that convert website visitors from your target market into clients and customers. An excellent service designed to attract visitors and turn your business into a presentable source. I definitely will reach out for your free quote. Here at this site, I see the help webmasters could make their sites more effective for users. Thank you for the excellent information about how to create a successful business or product.

    • admin

      Hi John! Thanks for the feedback. It is really our goal to help others bring their website ideas into life.

  • Toplink

    Website Design Birmingham AL is a design company that allows businesses to be able to set up an effective website with branding tags, logo, and graphics. As most entrepreneurs know, choosing an appropriate  design with initial branding .and logos will pay huge dividends in the long run. Having a credible website is crucial to your success. The first pages of your site will leave a huge lasting impression and please your web-visitors. This is what it is all about isn’t it? If your visitors are happy it will be reflected in greater sales and more profitability so why not have a professional set up your design?

  • Lynn

    This is a great service for the local Birmingham Alabama businesses. So, many offline businesses don’t understand the importance of an online presence, even in their local area. People still research online anyway. What happens if the client has a change in branding or logo or maybe wants the graphics changed? Is this part of the package? 

    • admin

      Hi Lynn! It really is our goal to help local and small businesses establish an online presence through websites. As for your question, the client can specifically request for that and we will include it in the proposal/agreement.

  • Jannette

    Website design is important to running an online business. The website needs to be fast loading with SEO to get ranked on Google. I would like to get a quote and see examples of your work in the future, so I have booked mark your website and shared on social media. 

    • admin

      Hi Jannette! Thank you so much! If you wish to contact us, you may do so using our contact number and email provided in the website.

  • LineCowley

    With so many websites that customers can choose from, having a website that looks pretty, is important as that is the first impression that a visitor to the site gets. But to beat the competition, your website must also be easy to navigate and provide visitors with the solutions they are seeking. 

    The services offered by Website Design Birmingham AL, looks very comprehensive and professional. You mention that it is a local design service. So does one need to be in Birmingham, or do you offer a global service? Thank you. 

    • admin

      Hi Line! Yes, our main focus is Birmingham but we do accept projects for clients abroad.

  • Michael

    Website design plays such a crucial part in a successful online business. It can be the difference between maximising traffic leads and not.

    Having a platform like this one allows you to put it into the professional’s hands and you can rest easy knowing that a quality website will be created.

    Such a useful platform to leverage and I will be if I ever need another website created.

    • admin

      Hi Michael! Thank you! Looking forward to be working with you in the future.

  • Michael

    Thank you for your informative post.  I agree with several benefits you made.  In particular hiring a specialist vs trying to figure it out yourself resonates with me.  I built my own website and in hindsight, I found I spent far too much time with trial and error.  The good thing is I understand it now but as solopeneurs we should focus on what we do best and get others to do things that we need to work at.   

    • admin

      Hi Michael! Glad that you were able to build your own website successfully! Yes, trial and error is part of the process but it is also through them that we actually learn.

  • Disco619

    The website was uncluttered and easy to navigate.  I found the copy to be informative and not pushy as far as asking for the sale.  i understand that you are in business to attract customers, but you didn’t push to hard in the content of the page.

    I liked the spacing of the information as well.  A lot of sites put to much information in a small space which makes it hard to read and confusing, especially if you are new to the product you are considering.

    I think a lot people/businesses are unsure when it comes to creating a website, but you platform seemed inviting and easy to understand.

    • admin

      Hi Disco! Thank you for sharing your honest thoughts!

  • chinthaka

    This straightforward article brings us direct advice. I love to build a website for my affiliate business. While I am running my affiliate website I wish to optimize it with a good site layout with a wonderful outlook to the viewers. Through this article, you emphasize all the details about web designing to your local customers directly.

    I wish you can add a sample video presentation of your finished works to your customers. Then they can get a clear picture of your work to get a straightforward decision.

    • admin

      Hi Chinthaka! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and suggestions. I would definitely consider that and look if I can make it happen.

  • Stephanie

    I’ve seen some of this company’s work and it truly blows my mind with how clean and professional the end product ends up looking like. The prices are incredible and the services are great. If I hadn’t worked on my website myself for the last 4 years, I would’ve definitely been reaching out. In fact, I’ve been thinking about completely renovating my website, would love to get in touch. 

    • admin

      Hi Stephani! Thank you for your kind words. We would love to serve you in case you need help someday.

  • Anusuya

    It is a highly informative and well-described blog about creating a website that you can do the way you like.

    Website Design Birmingham AL is a website designer that can create a professional-looking website. It gives your brand a boost and will help your goal-achieving business success. 

    Your post has addressed all important and frequently asked questions well. 

    I am a non-techie and will not attempt to learn coding languages.

    I have a word press website that needs some additions.

    I am considering reaching out to Website Design Birmingham AL for a free quote.

    • admin

      Hi Anusuya! Thanks for considering us. Please contact us through the number or email provided in the website for more details.

  • omama sellam

    I needed a site for my business, unfortunately I had several high price quotes, I can assure you that the design was useless, on the other hand on your site that you have a good design, very good choice of color, and I think I will ask you for a quote for a better website, thank you

    • admin

      Hi! Thanks for considering us. Please contact us through the number or email provided in the website if you want to push through.

  • Anastazja

    This is a beautiful site describing Website Design Birmingham.  You have laid out your qualifications.  The most interesting portion of your business for me is the branding and copy.  Copy is difficult to create on blog.  As an affiliate marketer, copy is the vehicle for delivering my thoughts and ideas, but it also links to related affiliate products.  I am going to do a bit more research on the company to understand how I might use it to enhance what I am already doing through my websites.  Thanks for introducing this company to me.

    • admin

      Hi Anastazja! Thanks for considering us. Let us know if we can be of help in the future.

  • Lorenz Valdez

    It’s easy to tell that you guys are Birminghams number 1 rated web design company.

    Never been to Birmingham, but do you guys have a lot of competition?

    I know that it’s a lot to design a website. Although I’ve never actually bought a package to design a site, I know the importance of having a great website!

    • admin

      Hi Lorenz! Thank you for sharing your thoughts. If you have further questions, you can contact us so we can talk about them.

  • pasindu dimanka

    Thank you for sharing this useful information. I agree with several of your points. The idea of employing a specialist rather than attempting to figure things out on your own appeals to me. I constructed my own website, and in retrospect, I think I spent far too much time experimenting.

    Website Design Birmingham AL appears to provide a wide range of services that are both comprehensive and competent. It is a local design service, as you mention. Is it necessary to be in Birmingham, or do you provide a worldwide service?

    • admin

      Hi! Yes, we also offer services for international clients.

  • Aly

    Hello! I’m very interested in learning more about your website design. I noticed that your website is set up to all be on one page. It seems a bit challenging to find information without the usual web page menus to help navigate, but has this been done based on research that it is effective for your business? Is there a reason for this design choice, or is it just a matter of personal preference? 

    Thanks so much!

    • admin

      Hi Aly! Our website is fairly new. We wanted it to be as simple as it is and focus on its value and purpose. However, we are also continually updating and improving for better user experience. Thank you for pointing this out.

  • Caleb Utrera

    Well, I am shocked at how good the post looks and also how informative it was as well. I am an affiliate marketer and this was a good recommendation for me and I will look into getting it. I want a well-built website where it can attract traffic and make it want to stay. 

    I am going to bookmark this post just in case for the future because I need something like this, the site I have in mind is what I’m trying to do and see if the program also has the components for what I am looking for. 

    I’m stunned by this program and how it can lead to search engines finding my sites faster so it can be indexed and recommend to the people the things they search for that are similar to what I have on my site as well. 

    Can it also help with traffic and revenue?

    Can it teach something about the Facebook marketplace?

    • admin

      Hi Caleb! Thank you! It doesn’t cover the Facebook marketplace but I believe having a good website can help with traffic and revenue. You can contact us so we can talk about his further. Thanks

  • Bojana

    Hello. I have my own site recently and I would really like a professional to look at it. I think there are some small mistakes, I fix it regularly and try to work on it all the time. Any topic you cover always thinks it could be better. With the right people, we don’t have to have problems with the site.

    • admin

      Hi Bojana! You can contact us using the email and number stated on the homepage. We would love to help you out.

  • Sherry

    Hello Website Design Birmingham AL ! I am absolutely impressed yet overwhelmed of all the many different tasks it takes to create a great website. I’m only 7 months in so I’m still learning as I’m setting up my websites. I really like the themes that are SEO ready and light loading. I have to be honest, I haven’t yet settled on the perfect theme yet, and learning coding has had it’s up and downs for me. I have considered contacting a web designer but I have to wait for 7 or 8 more months to be able to afford the luxury. 

    Your site explains a lot of detailed information that newbies as myself can understand, thank you for that. There’s a lot to it and life would be so much easier if the cash was available. A simple website will have to suffice for now, but I learned quite a bit just reading your site, very informative professional and no confusion, easy to read and understand. 

    The javascript alone is very necessary but for a newbie, it’s very scary to dive into coding. 

    I will definately book mark your site for future references, and I’m curious what your prices are as well.

    Thanks for being so thorough on your website, I’ll surely return and get more familiar with the terms functions and descriptions.

    • admin

      Hi Sherry! Thank you for sharing your story and your honest thoughts. Best of luck on your website!

  • James

    People looking for website design in Birmingham AL would do well to check out this article. You have a good website design that showcases your skills. If I was in Birmingham AL looking for a website designer then I would hope to come across your site. You have answered most of the questions I have about website design except for one. The question is do you specialise in a particular niche or can you apply your website design skills to a large range of niches?

    • admin

      Hi James! I actually have websites of different niches. Specializing is good but venturing into different ones also allows you to learn a lot. I hope this answers your question.

  • Terry

    Very informative information about designing websites for perspective clients. I was curious do you continue to write articles for the client if they request you to? Also how long does it take to get the website up and going? This sounds like a very good service to offer someone that doesn’t have time to spend designing and setting up a website. 

    • admin

      Hi Terry! Our package doesn’t really include content writing but we can help you outsource content writers if you need. Setting up a website normally takes 3-4 weeks depending on the type of website. However, simple websites can only take 2 weeks at most.

  • Rosie Bell

    Thank you for sharing your amazing and helpful post. A good website design should serve a purpose by conveying a specific message while also engaging the visitor. A good website design includes elements like consistency, colors, typography, imagery, simplicity, and functionality. With a platform like this one, you can be confident that you will get your money’s worth and that a high-quality website will be created.

    • admin

      Hi Rosie! I agree! Thanks for sharing your feedback.

  • Ruth

    In todays world where just about everything happens on the internet, the importance of an eye catching website is very important.  Your eyes are an important sensory source that lets our brains choose what we like. Once on the website it needs to be designed to keep the prospect there so they look at the whole site and provide the source (website owner) with the desired result being a sale, an email address or subscription etc. 

    • admin

      Hi Ruth! I agree! It really pays to invest in a good website design to catch the attention of the viewers.

  • Bethel

    This is a great service and a great advantage to new and old website owners. Building a website can be difficult, especially for those who have no creative ideas or a particular way they would like their site to look. An expert touch is needed to give a website that professional look and also help choose the right themes because some themes can slow the website down.

    • admin

      Hi Bethel! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  • Edwin Bernard

    Anyone looking for assistance to create a website for their business will find your offer very compelling. There is so much good information you provide. From what constitutes an effective website to a very comprehensive Q&A section at the end. 

    I also noticed something else, The design of this website incorporates much of what you talk about in the strategically placed sections. 

    Best of all, you make it easy for potential customers to connect with you in multiple areas when they scroll through the website.


    • admin

      Hi Edwin! Thank you for sharing your feedback.

  • Robert

    I really enjoyed the layout of your website. You are right on when you talked about a great website making your company look good and also about doing all the things behind the scenes to make you website visible to search engines. If people don’t know your business is out there then they won’t be getting much business. Keep up the good work.

    • admin

      Hi Robert! Thanks for sharing your feedback!

  • Jordan

    Based on the design of your home page, I would definitely consider booking you for a site revamp! I’ll keep you in mind for the future. It’s hard to own a business and take the time to make your website look as good as it can be at the same time. 

    • admin

      Hi Jordan! Thanks! Looking forward to be working with you.

  • moses456

    Todays world website is very important, I have a website, i built it by myself but I am not a website designer, I used Thrive Themes to design my website. 

    How do I know my website is giving its full potential of what I built? I meant i have 133 post and 8 pages, and a decent web design, is it normal to have 130 to 160 visitors monthly?

    In my opinion websites should be easy to read and easy to navigate so visitors stay longer .

    • admin

      Hi Moses! Good to know that you were able to build your own website. Good content and design are a must but you also have to make sure that you are marketing or promoting your website to the right audience. For example, if your website is about web design and development, you should be promoting your website into people who needs web design services or people who are interested in such a niche. In that way, you are making sure that they will visit your website regularly because they are getting the value they exactly need from the type of content you have.

  • Reginald Gilbert

    This is awesome! I love how this website is helping others build websites, and become successful. The idea they have is sound, and it looks like a wonderful opportunity for people wanting to learn how to properly set up their websites for success. I hope the best for all the customers, and for the website!

    • admin

      Hi Reginald! Thank you for sharing your feedback.

  • Dominic356

    Hie Kendrick. This is really amazing. there will always be a demand for these services. Starting a website from zero is really a lot of work and unnecessary trial and error at times. There is a lot more to do in this day and age therefore it is consoling to know that a heavy burden will be lifted here by companies like yours. Oh wow i can actually get a free quote? When i see people that are in a positon to give free, yes free quotes those people really know what they are doing. 

    • admin

      Hi Dominic! I agree! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Yes, people can get a free quote from this website.

  • Ingrid Robins

    Hi There,

    Your website is easy on the eyes and not cluttered. It is easy to navigate and there is not to many bogs of text all in one.

    You have spread the text out for easy reading.

    You have also not pushed your product/service on to customers to overwhelm them but let them decide if they want to buy or not. 

    You have also broken up your text with interesting images to make it easier to read.

    Great Article 


    • admin

      Hi Ingrid! Thanks for sharing your feedback.

  • Brandaley

    I have in the past paid someone to do my company website and it can be quite expensive depending on what you need. I also tried to do it myself and had no idea what SEO was so it didn’t go very far. But it seems you have a good compromise with offering quality work for a competitive price.

    • admin

      Hi Brandaley! Sorry to hear about your experience. Let us know if you need our professional help. Thanks!

  • Chestoncarvallo

    This a wonderful website helps their clients and give them a reasonable price. Teaches them how to build a successful business which is hard to find a brand that does that in these day an age. What I would recommend is that you add a table of content at the top. Overall a wonderful website.

    • admin

      Hi Cheston! Thank you for sharing your feedback and suggestion. We will keep this in mind.

  • Shaya Krausz

    Hi. Please call me at (718) 858-3500

    • admin

      Hi Shaya! Can we help you with something? You can contact us through the email and contact number provided on the website. Thanks!

  • Nikki McGowan

    I’m extremely happy with the progress and content on my website, but I’m sure there is plenty I could do to improve my website overall!  I love your website, its very professional and thorough.  And any unanswered questions are detailed at the bottom :). This is a wonderful service to offer considering the ever expanding world of online businesses.  Making sure everything is working in your favor in an already competitive world is a wise move for anyone with a website in the early stages.  I’ll be looking into this service soon, I will keep your company in mind when i do!!  

    • admin

      Hi Nikki! Thank you! Best of luck on your website 🙂

  • Raja

    Website Design Birmingham AL appears to be a reliable website builder. People who own an actual store should undoubtedly have a website. This Website Design in Birmingham AL is an excellent option for you. I hope that more individuals take advantage of your offer and become successful in the online world. Thank you for assisting others. Keep posting!!

    • admin

      Hi Raja! Thank you for sharing your feedback!

  • Michel Maling

    Looking at the design of this website I can see you know what you are doing when it comes to website design as the site looks amazing. I was also quite surprised to read how inexpensive it is at a mere 150 per year excluding the design so now anyone can afford to have a great looking website. 

    What plugins do you you think are worth the upgrade fee for a website. 

    • admin

      Hi Michel! I guess it depends on the type of website that you have. For example, if you are selling a product or service in your website, it is best to upgrade plugins that will let you have a professional-looking sales and checkout page. What type of website do you have?

  • Danny

    Thank you for sharing your amazing and helpful post. A good website design should serve a purpose by encoding a specific message while also engaging the visitor,An expert touch is needed to give a website that professional look and also help choose the right themes because some themes can slow the website down.Best of all, you make it easy for potential customers to connect with you in multiple areas when they scroll through the website.

    • admin

      Hi Danny! Thanks for sharing your feedback.

  • Hawumba

    Thank you so much for this post and also the in-depth dialogue and for pitching the case on why one should opt for professional web designers, and most specifically, Website Design Birmingham AL. Web designing and hosting are very important for any online business and done, professionally would add to its success. However, I became even more interested in the Q & A and my attraction centered on the 1st: How much does it cost to design a site?, and the 7th: How much is a website monthly? questions, respectively. I still wanted to know at how much, Design Birmingham AL, will charge for designing a basic website, and then show how the cost increases with more features added. The same applies to the monthly cost. What would be the cost for the basic website? I expected that since you are the experts to have roughly absolute figures. Say, the basic website design goes in the range of $200-$400 and an advanced for $5000-$20000 and maybe Premium one in the range $500-$4000. This breakdown should enable the prospect to know where to aim. Otherwise, I have enjoyed your post. Thank you once again

    • admin

      Hi Hawumba! Thanks for sharing your feedback! We are actually working on our sales page at the moment which will address your question. But normally, we adjust the price depending on the needs of the client. We create specific project proposals for each client.

  • kiersti

    Thanks for sharing. To have a successful business one must have a good website design. Which helps visitors get where needed easily. Which I love your design so helpful. If wanting help how much it cost? I just not sure if I want to request a quote. I just love help and love to see what other sites you done. As that may help me. Thanks for sharing. 

    • admin

      Hi Kiersti! You can contact us through phone or email (details provided on the website) so we can talk about your concern. Thanks!

  • Horatius

    I am very interested in your services. I like that you don’t just focus on one aspect of web design (making the website look call) but also care about all the things that “you don’t see” and that make the difference when it comes to search engine ranking and user experience. I will be in touch so that I can improve certain things on my website. I mean, my design is ok but I think you can give it that necessary extra boost. 

    • admin

      Hi Horatius! We are looking forward to working with you. You may contact us through email or phone.

  • Stratos K

    Website design is extremely important when it comes to visitors. It must looks good and professionally made otherwise it will turn people away. Many don’t think how important this is to gaining traffic and just go for old style looks and heavy graphics that only slow down their pages. You sir are doing a great job really!

    • admin

      Hi! Thanks for sharing your feedback!

  • angelce903

    I love your landing page!!! It’s something that I would do for my clients! I need to get my website redone because I want to have other settings for my testimonials and I also want to a welcome page that looks like a landing page. Therefore, I’ll keep your website and I’ll contact you when I’ll be ready to take my website to the next level. Good job with presenting your services!

    • admin

      Hi! Thanks for sharing your feedback!

  • Prashant

    I believe that a business website is an important part of the growth of your business and should be designed with some goals in mind.

    How can you make sure that your website is easy to navigate? There are a few things that you should keep in mind. The first is to make sure that your website has a clear hierarchy. This means that the site should have a navigational structure in place. I found all these features in this awesome service.

    Website Design Birmingham AL is the best service to hire when looking for someone to design your professional website and have top-notch quality service. I would like to tell anyone who is interested in building a professional website. I just bookmarked this website for the future.

    Thanks for sharing this beautiful site.

    • admin

      Hi! Thanks for sharing your feedback.

  • Shelley

    Wow from what I can see, you are offering some really great services. I am looking at a project involving my own product line. My knowledge is not that great on shipping carts and as well as the security of managing credit cards and the like. There’s so many issues around data protection, that I am not so keen on managing those sorts of details either. I will make some detailed notes of what I am looking for. I’ll be in touch. 


    • admin

      Hi Shelley! Thank you! Looking forward to work with you.

    • admin

      Hi Shelley! Thank you! Looking forward to working with you.

  • Daniella

    Hi there,

    Good to know you design websites. I have an offline business and need someone to design my website. The problem is that I live out of the US. Do you offer services by zoom? I also need a Google Business account. Is it included in the package? I would like to know this before asking for a quote. Thank you very much in advance!

    • admin