Learn Web Designing Online Free here at Website Design Birmingham AL – According to Technopedia the term ‘web design’ is a “web development process that focuses on aesthetic factors like layout, user interface, and other visual imagery in order to make the website more visually appealing and easy to use” and today, we are going to take some ways you can learn web designing at the comfort of your own home.

If you are a website designer, you will enjoy two things: high salary and flexible work location. Many web designers are WFH which could either mean ‘Work From Home’, ‘Work From Hotel’ or ‘Work From Here’. Here being wherever they currently are, as long as there is strong internet connection. Sounds fun? Take note though that you really need to put in the work in order to be good at this. Designing a website lets you explore multiple tools and programs such as the following Photoshop, Java, Python, and Dreamweaver.


In the early 2000s, way before Facebook was Friendster and MySpace. The two social media platforms, especially Friendster, allowed the users to manipulate or do changes to their profile by adding HTML codes. HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language. The HTML is a computer language that allows the computer to understand the commands of the user. Nowadays, web designers are using different computer languages to create websites.

Learn Web Designing Online Free From Home


If you want to get a feel of coding or if you think it’s too complicated, there are some who use Adobe Dreamweaver to create their websites. It is a program that serves to create websites easily. It supports computer languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and many more. Many beginners check out Dreamweaver to get a feel of website design. However, nowadays it isn’t as popular as it used to be but it still does what it was intended to do. However, if you can read back, Dreamweaver still needs you to learn a computer language.


Let’s look at some of these reputable courses online so you can do them in your free time and just in the comforts of your home (or in a coffee shop). The following listed below are tested and proven. We do not want you to waste your time and money enrolling in courses that are poor quality.


1. freeCodeCamp on YouTube

If you have four hours of your day to spare, you may want to prepare your food and snacks for this introductory course prepared for you by freeCodeCamp. In four hours, you will be meeting and getting cozy with topics such as: Page Structure, Widgets, Media Queries, CSS styles, CSS unites, Mobile-first design, and many more.

The video is quite concise and detailed, however please note that there is no certificate of completion available. In exchange for four hours of your life, you will be knowing about important HTML tags and you’ll be able to create and understand proper responsive website design using CSS and HTML.

This video is great for those who already have a basic knowledge of CSS and HTML.

2. OpenClassrooms Course

If you are looking for something free, you would want to check out OpenClassrooms. In that website, there is a course there titled: Build Your First Web Pages with HTML and CSS. The good thing about this is that it starts from the very beginning, so if you have zero experience you’ll appreciate this one than the YouTube video in number 1.

You can start with this one and once you have laid down the basics, you may check out number 1. That’s just my advice.

You will be learning topics such as HTML structure, CSS styling, SEO, Image Optimization, Color Theory, and many more. Please note though that this course takes longer than the Youtube video in number one. It is ten hours long. Guess you’ll need a lot more snacks. 

The good thing about this is that it comes with a certificate but you will need to pay twenty U.S. Dollars as a monthly membership fee to avail of it. Yikes!

3. TreeHouse

Another website to check out but this one needs a subscription fee. If you are fine with spending a few dollars as an investment then you’d enjoy TreeHouse. This is great not just for designers but programmers as well. 

It is a forty-three hours long and consists of videos and interactive lessons. You’ll be able to learn about the web design process, layouts, Flexbox, Bootstrap 4, CSS animations, Typography, and many more.

You can expect that this course/class will give you a more in-depth introduction compared to the first two… I mean, it’s forty-three hours long, of course it will. What I like about this website is that there’s a lot of users so you can make friends or study buddies if you need some. You can exchange ideas and learn from each other which is awesome.


You’ve probably heard of Coursera. It’s quite popular in social media with it’s advertisements. In this website, there are courses being offered there about basic web designing that you can choose from. You’ll be able to learn about HTML, JaveScript, and CSS. You can also enroll yourself in different related topics if you have a lot of time in your hands. 

There are some courses that are being offered for free and some have to be paid.

5. OpenHPI

If you already have an idea or maybe you know how to code already but somehow stopped so you forgot about it but now you want to go back into it, you may want to check out this website as well. It will improve your design fundamentals, as well as your ideation and research skills.

You’ll be making more web design that are centered on user interface. You will need to allot ten to eleven hours of your time to complete the course, but it will be worth it in the end since you’ll be receiving a certificate to show off. 


Whatever you need, I’m sure that you’ll stumble upon it in these websites. Coding can be a headache especially if you are still a novice but it gets better. The more you learn, the better you will get, and for sure you will be please with the ROI of being a web designer.

Keep in mind that being a web designer is one of the most sought after and highly-paid jobs today. And another great thing about it is that you can take multiple clients as long as you are able to keep up with the demands from multiple clients, then I think that you’ll be a-okay!

* ROI = Return of Investment

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