Improve Your Google Play App Title and Description, and Attract UsersFree ASO tools

When browsing for an app to download, the first
entries you’ll notice are the app title and description. Those are some of the factors that contribute to an app’s attractiveness, which leads to more downloads; thus, if you are going to submit an app to downloading platforms like Google Play, it is critical to design an appealing and to-the-point title and description.

In this article, we will discuss how to create a more appealing app title and description, as well as recommendations of free ASO tools that you can utilize.


Table of contents

I. What is an app title and app description

II. An attractive is a must: How to create an appealing app title

III. Description is clear and concise – How to create a decent app description

IV. App Store Optimization!

V. Free ASO tools you can utilize



I. What is an app title and app description?

The very first entry on the App store’s browsing display would be the title of your application. It will be highlighted and seen on the right side of your app’s icon.

On the other hand, the information or content in the play store that introduces your software or application is the app description. These two provide attraction to the users hence, simply said, the app title and description are significant factors in gaining users that will download your app.


II. An attractive title is a must: How to create one?

No boring names! A secret to a successful app is a title that makes users halt in the middle of browsing and click into the app icon immediately as a result of curiosity.

How do we make a title appealing?

Now, what you need to do is choose an understandable, creative, and at the same time, keyword rich name so that it can be easily found.

Think of words not commonly used, and avoid prevalent phrasesas they don’t attract users’ attention. Your aim is to make sure that the title would not be quickly forgotten but at the same time, not very exaggerated.

You can also add a very short description along with the title.



Helicion Games

Fat Patrol – fitness on track!


III. Description is clear and concise – How to create a goodapp description

The app description should be able to answer the possible question the user has in mind.

It should answer related ‘how, what, why, and when questions.

How does this app differ from others?

What is the purpose of this app?

Why should I download this app?

When was the app made?

And etc.

This way, the user would have an insight into your app and decide whether the app has the factors they are looking for.


IV. App Store Optimization!

Furthermore, also prioritize App Store Optimization (ASO). Along with the title and description, this is also important for your app as It allows users to find your product easily, click it, and download it. You will have obvious improvements in your marketing campaign by performing ASO.

After the said steps, make sure to check carefully particular google play’s guidelines and specific requirements if you to meet all their criteria.


V. Free ASO tools you can utilize

Here are a few of the many free ASO tools:


Mobile Action

Mobile Action is a user-friendly App Store Optimization and Mobile App Intelligence tool that assists app publishers in ranking higher in app store search, increasing organic downloads, and understanding critical indicators that will help make their best business decisions. Their free plan allows you to track up to 5 keywords at once,

Keyword tool

Keyword Tool is a free online keyword research tool that generates hundreds of suitable long-tail keywords for any topic by using Google Autocomplete which is a Google Search tool that aims to speed up user searches on Google.


App Rank Corner is an App Store Optimization service that provides an all-in-one solution for improving and increasing keywords, ranks, reviews, and app earnings. App Rank Corner offers a strong keyword suggestion tool, app rankings, user ratings, and tools to encourage downloads.

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