Are you getting a lot of great ideas lately and wondering what to do with them? One option is to develop it yourself, while another is to lend it to Google, which accepts proposals. But is it worth your time? Will you get compensated for it? In this blog, we will answer the question, “Will Google pay for my ideas?” as well as provide suggestions on how to benefit from your ideas.


What is Google?

Google LLC is a global technology company based in California specializing in search engine technology, internet advertising, cloud computing, computer software, quantum computing, e-commerce, artificial intelligence, and consumer electronics.(Wikipedia)

How to create an idea to sell on google

You may sell your ideas by publishing them on Google. You just need to patent it to have exclusive rights to sell them. However, it is subject to possible risk because of its broad exposure on the internet. That is why it is critical to initially patent your idea.

Of course, you should start by researching your idea. Then, make a Google sphere presence for that. Set up listings for your it and categorize it in Google Maps, establish online profiles using Google Places, and run advertisements inside Google’s prominent online directory business to improve the visibility of your idea. Make a webpage to market your ideas to Google. And to further develop fresh keyword concepts and drive better results within the Google browser, use the Google AdWords keyword tool. Make sure to connect your website to social media business platforms. Patent your concept so you can establish its worth to Google. Patenting your ideas can result in an increasing profit in the long run.

How can you send google a proposal of your idea?

Launch a web browser. Go to the Google proposal submission page or Google support, and they will provide you with a form in which you must fill out the following:

Partner with the google product
Email address
Company name
Company website
Company description


What Happens with your Proposed Idea?

As per google, by submitting a proposal, idea, or feature request on this page, you grant Google the unrestricted use of your work. You acknowledge that Google is under no obligation to implement any idea or feature request that you submit or publish in any Google product, service, or website. You agree not to contribute anything copyrighted, subject to third-party property rights, or infringe on the rights of others.

Does Google Pay for Ideas?

To address your question directly, no. Google does not explicitly indicate that it does not welcome ideas. They take them, but, like Apple, they do not pay for them and instead regard them as their own. So, if you’re feeling generous, you may submit your proposal using an online form, and don’t expect anything in return. However, if you want to get compensated, consider the alternative in the preceding section of this blog (be paid for ideas if you publish or promote your patented ideas to the platform in case a company might be interested.)

What can I do with my ideas instead?

Without a patent, you can also sell your idea to a firm. Unlike Google, companies, investors, and programmers must get into a contract, such as a nondisclosure agreement (NDA), to not steal your concept.

Although programmers are likely to demand 90% equity as their fair share, the decision is yours. You may also consider just hiring a coder to bring your ideas to life. You’ll probably earn more money this way, and your idea will be recognized as yours.

Final thoughts

Concepts and ideas should indeed be presented. You may either exhibit your excellent ideas or sell them for compensation and have them executed by others. Remember that just because it’s free doesn’t suggest you should offer it to Google. Your recommended ideas may aid in the enhancement of the said site, thus boosting the quality of its use for users. It’s as though you’ve made contributions to its growth.

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