Which app category is most popular?

Which app category is most popular? Learn about some of the popular mobile app categories in this post.

Numerous market areas have begun employing mobile apps due to the rising popularity of smartphones. These apps' expanding opportunities are the cause of their rising popularity. If we narrow our attention to the most downloaded mobile apps, most Apple App Store downloads in 2020 were for gaming.    

According to Statista, the app store's top category of apps in August 2020 was gaming apps. The share of gaming apps was 21.86 percent. There are currently 2.11 million mobile apps on the Apple App Store, with about 48 thousand of those costing less than $1.  

Most Popular Categories In The Mobile App Market

Gaming Apps

One of the most widely used gaming apps is PUBG Mobile. On February 9, 2018, it became available for iOS and Android devices. PUBG Mobile is the fourth-highest grossing mobile game to date, with over a billion downloads and over $8.42 billion in revenue since its release.   

Another interesting data from Udonis states that in 2020, casual games had a market share of 58.86 percent. Arcade and puzzle games came in second and third, with 56.5 and 55.08 percent, respectively. If we base our analysis on demographic factors, Mediakix claims that 63 percent of mobile gamers are women, and 37 percent of them are men. This report is based on information provided for 2019.

Business Apps

Businesses flourished due to the pandemic-induced global lockdown that forced everyone into their homes. Since then, demand for business apps has increased. Using Zoom as an example, according to statistics provided by Sensor Tower, the number of downloads for Zoom exceeded 300 million during the second quarter of 2020. It became one of the most used mobile applications.    

The business apps aimed to facilitate and simplify remote working. Other applications, including Skype, Google Meet, and Google Docs, among others, also experienced solid growth. Business apps have a fantastic potential to develop and embrace this new trend now that the concept of remote working is well-known worldwide.

Education Apps

Mobile apps for education come in a variety of forms and are used for a range of activities, including studying, preparing for exams, and learning music. One of the app categories with the most downloads was education. The number of educational app downloads increased significantly in the first quarter of 2020, with 466 million and 470 million educational apps being downloaded from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, respectively, according to Statista.

Lifestyle Apps

According to a 2018 study by Global Digital Traveler Research, 61% of US consumers booked and paid for their travels using their smartphones. In addition to travel, the lifestyle sector is now substantial and encompasses numerous other things besides shopping and exercise apps. According to Think With Google, 51% of smartphone owners use brand mobile apps to shop because they are more convenient and rewarding.

Entertainment Apps

Entertainment applications are the second most popular app category overall. During the pandemic, usage of some mobile app categories, including music apps, video streaming apps, reading apps, and radio apps, increased.

If you're a business owner or a web developer, these statistics and information regarding mobile application categories can be extremely useful for you. The market for apps is increasing. As a result, opportunities in various application categories are also expanding.

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