Where can I find an iOS app developer?

Where can I find an iOS app developer? Learn about the different places online and offline where you can outsource an app developer through this post.

Are you in need of an iOS app and you are asking where can I find an iOS app developer? Well, great news! You need not search any further because you've found one.

The Apple operating system also known as the iOS has gained massive users over the past few years. Making the demand for iOS app developer to be on the rise. Getting an expert iOS app developer to offer an efficient iOS app at an affordable rate isn't so easy to come by, but we've got you covered.

Category of iOS App Developers

Although your goal is to get an efficient developer to design your iOS app. It would be beneficial for you to know that there are different types of iOS App developers in the industry. Knowing the different categories of iOS developers will help you make the best choice for your app, especially when it has to do with your budget. Here are the 4 main categories and their characteristics:

Outsourcing enterprises

These are companies that connect clients with developers. Companies like this tend to consist of app developers who spearhead different projects, although sourced through a single company. They are more flexible and cost-effective than the others. However, they are usually lacking short of qualified experts.

 In-house enterprises

These are companies that employ coders and designers to develop apps for clients who contact the company. They handle the entire lifecycle of your app's development and are known to be quite reliable based on their expertise. They however propose high budgets making their cost high.


These comprise a small team of app developers usually between 2 to 5 members. They often specialize in developing particular types of apps in the industry. They take up fewer projects, giving them more time to focus, and guaranteeing you quality delivery afterward. 


These are individuals who take up the complete process of your app development through its lifecycle. They take responsibility for coding, designing, testing, and launching your app on the app store. They are quite flexible and time-efficient, and they also tend to maintain good communication and relationship with their client. Due to their rare talent, they are considered to be slightly pricey.

Must-Have Skills for an iOS App Developer

While in search of an iOS App developer, you will need to ensure that the developer you eventually choose possess the relevant skills needed to give you the best job. Some relevant skills to check out for in an iOS developer includes:

Expertise in iOS frameworks such as Core Data, and core animation.

Knowledge of the Apple Xcode IDE

UI/UX experience

Ample knowledge of coding languages like Javascript, Swift, python, objective-C, HTML 5.

Experience in 2D & 3D graphics

Experience with Apple interface and design guidelines

Knowledge of API, Cloud message & push notification, performance tweaks, threading, and offline storage

Knowledge on optimization and benchmarking

Knowledge of relevant framework libraries and tech.

Possession of relevant IT certifications or qualifications.

What Should You Expect from Your iOS App Developer?

There are certain responsibilities to be demanded of an iOS developer. Here are a few of the duties we owe you as our client:

Write excellent codes and build you an efficient iOS app.

Provide quality code maintenance, automation, and general organization.

Handle prototype creation

Perform troubleshooting and bug fixing

Integrate your iOS application across Apple devices

Perform benchmarking and optimization

Handle app designs, conceptual framework, testing, and support

Protect app contents with encryption tools

Offer innovative ideas when needed to enhance app competitiveness.


With the above knowledge, finding a developer to design you an efficient and competitive app shouldn't be as difficult as you might have imagined anymore. You should also know that there are several expert iOS app developers ready to offer you their services at an affordable rate. If you are interested in connecting with an experienced iOS app developer today, then kindly click here. I trust this article was helpful to you

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