What is the difference between coding and programming?

What is the difference between coding and programming? Find out some of the key differences between coding and programming in this post. 

Coding and programming are two fundamental skills and process in mobile application development. Oftentimes, these two are interchanged because of the similarities between them. The thin line that separates coding from programming even causes people to believe that they are just the same. However, there are still key differences between these two that are very important for mobile app developers to know of. In this post, we will tackle the nature of both processes as well as some of the key differences between them.

What is coding?

Unlike humans, computers use a different language to process its different functions. Coding is basically writing various programming languages as a way to translate or instruct the computer about the specific function that it has to do. We are able to do the different things we can using a computer or gadget because of coding. What makes it related to programming is the use of programming languages in order to successfully code a program. A coder has to be knowledgeable about the programming languages available out there.

What is programming?

While coding is the act of telling a computer a specific instruction through a language that it understands, programming is the process of creating such instructions and making sure that the written codes are perfectly working once they are done. Programmers develop computer programs by planning, designing, developing, and testing an app and its features as well as launching and maintaining them. In essence, programming is like maintaining a balance within the framework of a program just like how homeostasis is maintained in the body so that it will function the way it is supposed to.

Key differences between coding and programming

Aside from their respective definitions, coding and programming differ in terms of tools used, level of expertise in the part of the coder or programmer, approach used, and outcomes expected. Coders just use text editors while programmers use a bunch of different software. The former requires lesser level of expertise compared to the latter. Coders are just focused on the lines of codes that they do while programmers have to analyze the bigger picture all the time. Lastly, the former only does a part of a program while the latter constitutes the entire creation. Here are some of the other key differences between the two:

It is easier to learn coding than programming

Given the fact that coders require lesser level of expertise, it would be easier to become a coder than a programmer. This is also because the former has a smaller scope of focus in the entire program creation process. 

There is a difference in terms of tasks and focus

Coders are just required to know about programming languages and write several lines of codes using them. However, programmers are also part of the ideation, design, creation, and maintenance processes.

Programming is the creation process itself and coding is just a part of it

Since programming entails the knowledge of and skill in performing all the tasks from start to finish, it is essentially the creation process itself. Meanwhile, coding is just a phase within this entire process.

Higher level thinking is required in programming

Coders need to have knowledge of programming languages. Once they master that, they can already write lines of code perfectly. It is not the same for programmers. They have to be visionaries and creatives who know how to ideate and market apps and programs.

Despite the differences, coding and programming are both essential skills and processes in developing a software or application. Just because coding is just a part of programming does not mean that it is less important. In fact, it being a part of the other entails the fact that they both work together in order to make the creation process successful and worthwhile. 

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