What is The #1 App in The World?

What is The #1 App in The World? Learn about the mobile application on the top of the industry list through this post.

Good industries thrive within a healthy competitive market. The same goes for the app sector of the IT industry. One question that will help you determine the healthiness of the app sector is, "what is the #1 app in the world?"

Several apps are being designed and launched on the App store more regularly than in previous years. While some get trashed by the corner, others make their way to the limelight and quickly begin to compete with the big fellows. A great example is the popular TikTok app. TikTok is the #1 app in the world. Gaining exponential increase in its download statistics, this 6-year-old app has found itself competing with 18-year-old Facebook. This is what you call a phenomenal app idea brought to life.

List of Top-Ranking App Based on Downloads in 2022

The following are the 10 most downloaded apps within the first half of 2022.








Facebook Messenger



TikTok Statistics in 2022

There is a popular quote that says, " figures don't lie". Well then, let's see some relevant statistics on TikTok.

TikTok Downloads

TikTok has recorded a progressive increase in the past three years. Highlighting Sensor Tower's report, TikTok had above 2.6-million time downloads in 2020, which grew to 62 million in 2021. Guess what figure it recorded within the first quarter of 2022 - an amazing 3.5 billion time download according to ByteDance.

In September 2022, TikTok was said to have recorded a 46% increase within the past year, garnering about 104 million downloads.

TikTok Users and Engagement

TikTok's wide range of users cuts across 75 languages in 154 countries. It has above 1 billion monthly active users. However, Facebook and YouTube record 2.9 billion and 2.2 billion respectively.

Its users spend a significant amount of time daily, somewhere around one hour and 30 minutes. It is said that a TikTok user opens the app at least 7 times per day and about 83% of them have posted at least 1 video.

To talk about its engagement, I would say they have been able to grow and maintain an impressive engagement level. The most common example to prove this is with a video Jennifer Lopez posted. Jennifer Lopez is known to have 5 million followers on TikTok and 45 million on Twitter. She happened to have posted a particular video on the 2 platforms. To the surprise of all, she recorded only 2 million views out of her 45 million followers on Twitter. While on TikTok she recorded a shocking 71 million views out of 5 million followers! That's incredible.

TikTok Fundings

Tiktok has set up several means to boost the growth and engagement of its users. It is said that it recently put out its Creator Fund worth $1 Billion, which is meant to be used to pay TikTok creators and influencers. $500 is said to be paid to influencers to join the platform and create creative content.

A report given by Forbes displayed the top 3 highest paid TikTokers. The third was Dixie earning $2.9 million, her sister Charli D'Amelio was next earning $4 million, and the first on the list was Addison Rae earning $ 5 million.


The never declining rate of smart mobile phones guarantees that there would be no drawdown in the app sector. However, the download figures for different apps will experience changes over time to ensure healthy competition.

In previous years, apps like Facebook, YouTube, and Netflix stood in the spotlight. But today, the #1 app in the world happens to be TikTok. Let's watch to see if it maintains its rank next year or gives way for another.

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