Successful App Idea for IOS

What is a successful app idea for IOS?  Find out how a mobile application idea can turn out to be successful and profitable in this article.

Do you want to know if you can offer Apple your app idea? You technically can. However, you cannot have an app idea and then approach Apple to demand payment for your ground-breaking idea. Since app ideas make up a minor portion of the overall app development process, you won't get paid for your idea.   

Ideas for apps don't have a monetary worth. But if you put any effort into developing an app idea, you could be able to sell it for millions of dollars. Since the theory doesn't sell, you need a proof of concept before Apple will be interested in what you have to offer.  

When you're creative, thoughts constantly flow through your head. Your mind has all kinds of ideas before you, at least in your mind, come up with a revolutionary app idea. Assessing the market viability and profitability of your app idea should be the first step. Even while an app idea can fetch millions of dollars, it is not very likely to happen.

A Successful App Idea

You must examine your idea for a specific set of criteria to be a successful app idea. Does your proposed app solve a particular issue? Does your solution offer a workable and effective fix for that issue? If a rival company already has a solution for this issue, what makes your app idea stand out as a superior alternative?   

You can claim to have an original app idea once you understand everything mentioned above. Venmo, Remind, and MyFitnessPal are three successful examples of apps that could offer fresh approaches to long-standing issues. Your attention now should be on how to monetize your unique app idea now that you have one.

Selling your App Idea to Apple

Now we know what sells and what doesn't when approaching huge companies like Apple. Apple and other tech powerhouses do buy apps. But if you try sending them a proposal along with your app concept or supporting materials, they won't give you a penny.   

They said they don't accept proposals as submissions. However, if a user chooses to send it, they still regard it as one of their assets. Your strategy must adapt to reach Apple.   

Apple does invest in apps that appeal to them. To do this, you must develop your app or prepare an MVP framework, then advertise it in a way that Apple cannot ignore. If you finish this process, Apple will contact you about buying your application. You already know that to raise the worth of your app idea, you must focus on its perfection.

In conclusion, having a simple app idea won't get you anything. You must work on your app and approach it as a business if you want to sell it. By doing this, you would be able to connect with many influential figures in the app market, including Apple. To earn a fortune from the time, money, and effort, you put into this process, keep in mind that you shouldn't rush things and be patient with your app idea.

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