Small business web design

Are you a small business owner who needs advice and inspiration on website design? Check out this article for more information.

In this digital age, there have been a lot of changes when it comes to the landscape of the business industry. More and more businesses are transitioning online to catch up with the flow of competition. One thing that small businesses invest on is a website. It is one of the best marketing tools especially when equipped with the right design. In this article, we will discuss some of the good practices for small business web design to help you and your business make the most of your website.

Why should small businesses invest on good web design?

A website is a business’ tool to present itself to its target market. Small businesses who are just starting out utilize social media and other marketing strategies along with their website to widen their reach and grow the business. Together with quality content, effective and appealing web design helps: (1) drive visitors to the website; and (2) make user experience easy and promising. The visitors that the website can reach can become new clients and customers. It also makes online transactions possible. With easy and promising user experience, these visitors will keep coming back to the website to drive more engagement and possible leads.

What is a good web design for small business?

Basically, a good web design should be authentic, user-friendly, and engaging. A website’s authenticity makes it stand out from the others and remarkable to its audience. Since the website represents the business, the branding should be observed on the design itself. Second to authenticity is functionality. A user-friendly website leads to great user experience and increases the chance of conversion. This is also the case with making sure that the web design is engaging. Engagement is driven by physical and functional aspects. This means that your website should be visually appealing and full of strategically placed calls to action. Such calls to action will lead your audience to engage further with your content and the products or services you offer.

Small business web design inspiration

Here are some small business websites with exceptional designs for you to get inspiration from:

Soundstripe offers content creators affordable royalty-free music and sound effects developed by other creators. Their website’s design speaks so much about the brand and is exceptional when it comes to engagement.

Confluera offers anti-cybercrime software and services. The visuals and headlines in their website complement each other as well as the entire concept of the brand.

The Balloon Queen is a good example of a small business whose website fully captures the brand’s purpose and personality.

Web Design service for small businesses

There are a lot of popular but expensive web designers in the industry. However, not all businesses especially those who are just starting out can easily invest a huge amount of money for digital marketing. The good news is there are still a lot of quality yet inexpensive web design services available. Here in Website Design Birmingham AL, it is our aim to be the best web design company in Birmingham through providing quality and affordable web design service for private and public individuals, and businesses. We customize our designs based on the branding and the goals of the business. Aside from web design, we also provide website and app development services.

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