Is Jotform App Free?

Is Jotform App Free? Find out through this post.

Jotform, used by over 10 million users, is a simple way to create and publish web questionnaires from any device. The platform is the leading online form builder for companies all over the world, with 10,000+ primed form layouts, 100+ interfaces to third-party apps, and sophisticated design tools. 

In this blog, we will answer your question "Is the Jotform app free?" as well as offer an overview of its features.

What is Jotform?

Jotform is a sophisticated web software that enables you to build unique online forms effortlessly. Its easy drag-and-drop interface allows form creation a breeze, and it doesn't need you to write a line of code. You may use Jotform to design and upload forms, incorporate them into your page, and get email feedback.

Features and Services

Conditional Logic

They use conditional logic to make your smart forms better. Configure your form to display or conceal form fields, send emails to specific users, display alternative thank-you messages, and more.

Save & Continue Later

They convert incomplete contributions into the data you desire. It also allows users to store their replies to your form and return later to finish their entries.

Form Translation

If you are trying to reach a larger online audience, you can set up translations for your forms so that people can fill those out in their local language.

ACH Payments

They collect ACH payments without incurring any additional transaction costs! Jotform allows you to create your own ACH payment form for free.

Drag and Drop

Builder allows you to swiftly create bespoke forms. At the click of a button, you can add additional form fields or photos, modify colors, and use widgets and integrations.

Conversational Forms

You can Increase form engagement by using conversational forms that only ask one question on each page and discover all of the powerful features that are exclusive to Jotform Cards!
Apart from these, they also offer Offline Forms, Google Analytics Form Tracking, Custom CSS, Embed Forms, Answer Piping, CRM Integrations, Google reCAPTCHA, Form Submission Management, Email Validation, Recurring Donations, and many more!

Is Jotform App Free?

The starter plan is free and allows for 100 form submissions each month, which may be increased to 200 on the free plan. If you want more entries, the pricing begins at $24 per month, with a discount for yearly purchases.
The paid plans are:
Bronze - $24/month
Silver - $29/month
Gold - $79/month
If you prefer to use Jotform absolutely free, here is what to expect:
• 100 Monthly Submissions
• SSL Secure Submissions
• Receive 10 Payments
• 100 MB Available Space
• 5 Forms
• 1,000 Monthly Form Views
• 500 Total Submission Storage
• 100 Fields per Form

Is it Good?

Based on 2022 user reviews, yes! Jotform includes a variety of tools and form components that allow you to modify your forms and make them more client and aesthetically pleasing. Jotform aids in improving aesthetics and user growth. The slack link is also quite beneficial because it optimizes the process and guarantees that no reviews are overlooked. It is simple to integrate on a site and adjustments to the forms are also swift and simple.


Jotform is flexible and adaptable. JotForm's strength stems from its ease of use in creating forms, but more significantly, the breadth of interfaces that can be utilized to transfer data through API to other systems is astounding. It's also a benefit that they provide a free plan with a monthly limitation of 100 total entries rather than merely a free trial period of 30 days.

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