Is it difficult to create an app? Find out through this article. Dive into the ups and downs of developing a mobile application.

Building an app can be very challenging and only a few people have the courage to get it done. It involves wireframing, app design and programming. It has to be technically sound and functioning with little or no error. Difficulty depends on the budget, experience and competency of the developer.  

In most cases, it might not be so hard at all, so many sites and softwares will help you launch an app in a matter of minutes, that is if you are creating an app for the sake of having an app.

To answer this question, you have to first define what an app is. Most apps on the store today are waste and crap and it is easy to build because of it's outdated features. Only few people are brave enough to develop an app, launch and attract users. 

There are some factors that contribute to the difficulty of creating an app, they are:

- Cost of development 

- Improper development team -

- Lack of experience

Major successful apps spend so much money to develop and maintain their apps every year. It is hardly ever possible to get a high-quality running app at a low cost development. It won't be so easy, you have to believe in yourself and your ideas in order to raise money. It is important to find good developers that will help boost the creation of your app.

The most challenging part of creating an app is knowing what to do with it after it has been built, how to get users, knowing how to make money off of it. 

To answer these questions you must; 

- Choose the right market where you can promote your app, speak to users as much as you can and request for feedback.

- Tell people about your app either through conversations, App Store Optimization (ASO), social media and so on. 

- Find ways to generate revenue like In-App purchasing and so on.

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