How does Facebook make profits? Facebook's actual client

How does Facebook make profits? Learn about the ways Facebook earn money through this post.

Have you ever considered how Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook earns money even though it is free and available to all users? Streaming, publishing, viewing videos, interacting with friends, and creating pages are all free. In this blog, we will look at how Facebook makes money.

Facebook’s purpose

Now that it is 2022, Facebook has already introduced several modifications and brand-new features to stay up with its competitors as well as the new interests of its users in a constantly evolving society. It is now more than just a social media platform; it may also be an advertising platform, a marketplace, and a streaming platform.

How Facebook makes money 

As you may be aware, Facebook provides free access to all users. This means a user is not required to pay subscription or registration fees while using the social networking site. In this instance, how would Facebook profit from its customers? While regular users are valuable to the platform, Facebook's customers are actually the advertisers.

Facebook and advertisers

Have you ever noticed that the videos featured in your newsfeed on Facebook or its sister app, Instagram, are precisely or almost identical to what you are normally interested in? This is how Facebook's algorithms function; they may assess your profile and label you based on astonishingly granular traits deduced by their algorithms. Facebook is aware of our every interest as well as certain personal information such as race, religion, and so on. This urges you to spend more time looking through your page, making Facebook perfect for advertising.

Facebook-advertiser relationship

Business owners, from beginner to well-established, pays Facebook to advertise their product and services. Facebook offers advertising options to choose from. The time interval of an advertisement depends on the budget a company will provide. A form is also provided for the targeted audience and interest, and location size. After a payment, Facebook will then do its job. Users that match the information will see the ads on their feeds randomly.

Other ways Facebook earns

Business Pages and Post Boosting

This is another form of advertising. A user may create a page and post their products for free. However, it is often difficult to gain audiences and followers beyond your friend list (if your page is linked to your personal account). As a solution, page owners pay Facebook to boost their pages' profiles or individual posts. Boosting will increase your audiences and message inquiries.

Streamers and Stars

In August of 2015, Facebook released its live filming feature, which allows users to go live and interact with their audience in real-time. Due to the growing popularity of the streaming industry, particularly among gamers, Facebook established a "stars store" in December 2021, where users may buy stars and then gift them to streamers whenever they enjoyed their content or wanted to donate. Recently, Facebook has been flooded with a growing number of streamers who also profit through stars and people who search streams to watch and lend stars convertible to cash. As a result, Facebook's earnings also increase.


Facebook Marketplace is the platform's classified-ad feature that specializes in assisting individuals and companies in selling products locally. This feature of Facebook allows users and small business owners to exhibit their items in the same way that standard online stores do. Price and product description are provided, as well as contact information for the seller. If a seller uses the marketplace checkout to sell products from their shop, Facebook charges 5% each shipping or $0.40 for items $8.00 or less.

final thoughts

Nowadays, almost every activity may be aided and made more convenient by technology and applications. One of these applications is Facebook. A free platform where you may sell, publish, communicate, and be entertained! Now that you have a better understanding of how Facebook makes money and what you can do on the platform, you might as well make the most of your free usage. The platform would still earn anyway, don't worry about Mark Zuckerberg’s earnings. You can try streaming or selling. Note that stars gifted to a user are convertible to cash.

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