Free App Development Software for Beginners

Learn about the best and free app development software for beginners that you can try out if you are just starting as an app developer. 

The mobile app development process may be a bit intimidating for newbie developers who are just starting out especially those who are not yet experts at coding and programming. Indeed, professional app development requires knowledge in programming in order to build a compelling product. However, the need for more useful and valuable mobile applications led to the rise of more beginner-friendly software and tools for people who want to create their own mobile applications. In this article, you will learn about some of the best and free mobile app development software for beginners. 

1. PhoneGap

Adobe's PhoneGap is a cloud-based open source mobile app development software where developers can build applications that are suitable for multiple platforms even without the knowledge of coding or programming. Languages like JavaScript, CSS, and HTML can be used to create apps with a single codebase. Despite the lack of UI widgets, PhoneGap is a great choice because it easily integrates various libraries, operates on multiple operating systems, and users to manage any changes in the app.

2. Ionic

The next one in the list is a great choice if you are trying to build hybrid applications. Ionic is another free open source mobile application software that also allows developers to build applications for various platforms using one codebase. Aside from having interactive paradigms, mobile components, and and extensible base theme, it also allows for Cordova-based app building. Moreover, the absence of hot reloading is compromised by the accelerated development process through the presence of intuitive UI components.

3. Xamarin

Microsoft's Xamarin has been in the market for a decade already and its popularity is still intact given its use of the C# programming language. Just like the first two in this list, Xamarin allows developers to build applications for various platforms using a single codebase. What makes it special is that it easily integrates with modern backend services and offers real-time testing of errors as they happen. Microsoft also provides full technical support. However, Xamarin is not suitable for game development.

4. Felgo

If you are into 3D objects, Felgo might be the one for you. It allows the development of applications for various platforms using a single codebase just like the first three but compared to everyone in this list, it has the most time-saving framework and best support system. Felgo boasts of its custom UI rendering that reduces the interaction between the native layer and runtime environment. It also supports the creation of both business and gaming applications. 

5. Mobincube

Last but not the least is Mobincube, a versatile app building software that lets you create a mobile application of any kind (healthcare, education, entertainment, etc.) even without prior knowledge of coding or programming. Aside from being highly-flexible, it also allows full customization given its set of tools that makes the creation of mobile stores, customization of details, and development of own advanced functionalities possible.

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