Does BuildFire Cost Money?

Does BuildFire Cost Money? Learn about the expenses in using BuildFire for app development in this post.

There are various app development platforms available today. There are both free and paid options. BuildFire, a popular drag-and-drop app creation tool, is one of the latter. The question is, how does this differ from the others, particularly those that are free or low-cost? Is it a good investment?
In this post, we'll go over BuildFire's available features and pricing to help you make an informed decision regarding your app builder.

What is BuildFire?

With over 10,000 apps produced on BuildFire, the platform is strong and adaptable enough to expand with your company. No other app builder provides this amount of functionality at such a low cost.
BuildFire is a web-based, drag-and-drop mobile app builder that includes simple software, premium service options, and the ability to create apps for resale. Without any coding skills, businesses can utilize BuildFire to develop high-quality business applications for Android or iOS.

BuildFire’s Services

Development of Mobile Apps

Their talented developers have extensive expertise in designing applications for various sectors and can create any sort of functionality for your app.

App UI/UX Design

There is more to design than just how something looks and feels. It functions as intended. They like developing visually pleasing and very useful software.
BuildFire gives you access to a team of strategic app consultants that are closely aligned with the objectives of your business in addition to a team of developers.

Cloud-Based Infrastructure

Building apps for large audiences is directly in their wheelhouse; with over 25M+ users on the BuildFire Platform, you can be certain that they can tackle whatever problem your app offers.

BuildFire’s Pricing

You may use their platform, features, and functionality to finish constructing your app throughout the Trial term. When you're finished creating and want to publish to iOS and Android, you'll need to purchase one of their subscriptions.
BuildFire Plus Professional Services Plan
Their team of industry specialists has built and refined a fully-managed experience for developing and managing your mobile app.
Features of the plan are as follows:
• Investment
Premium - $5,000
Signature - $7,500
Enterprise - $15,000
• Professional Services
Premium - Up to One Month
Signature - Up to Two Months
Enterprise - Up to Three Months
App Design/UX, App Size, platform training, promotional materials, Integration assistance, and advanced functionality are also included as well as customization to existing features (up to $5,000) Or Access to Premium Features (up to $5,000).

App development platform plan

• Starter
The basics needed to get you started with a business app.
$ 349 /mo
Per month billed quarterly.
• Standard
Additional capabilities to get more out of your app.
Per month billed quarterly.
• Standard Plus
Premium support and functionality to maximize the business value of your app.
Per month billed quarterly.

Is it Worth it?

You can have numerous apps under one account in BuildFire, but each app will need its subscription to be published to the App Store and Google Play and to work as intended. You must also keep your subscription active for the app to retain an active state with our servers and systems that power it and so operate effectively. Is it truly worthwhile to invest in BuildFire for your app? According to recent user evaluations, the platform gets the job done regardless.


This cross-platform functionality significantly reduces development time and expense. There is no need for two native applications that are continuously in need of upgrades. The app creation to deployment process is rapid and straightforward. The team's eagerness to assist and responsiveness is outstanding. They are very knowledgeable, with no reluctance in seeking solutions if a team member is unclear. With that said, given your budget, BuilFire may be a great platform for you.

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