Can I be an App Developer Without a Degree?

Can I be an App Developer Without a Degree? Learn about the ways you can pursue an app development career without a degree in this post.

In general, mobile app developers require a bachelor's degree in computer science major. Companies hire people who have the credibility to accomplish the work required since mobile application development degrees focus on topics such as system design, data organization, and programming.

However, with the different tools available online nowadays, it is feasible to be an app developer without a degree. In this article, we'll look at whether app development without a college degree is a viable option.

Does app development require a college course?

A degree may be useful for advancement, although it is not required for entry-level work. In computer programming, innovation and aptitude will take you further than schooling. So, if you enroll in a Software Development degree, you will learn how to create and manage apps or systems that people use for sheer fun as well as applications for really significant work-related purposes. To design these valuable apps, you'll need to study several computer languages as a Software Developer. Creating programs is not strictly computer programming.

What can I do instead?

If you are not interested in studying for years solely to pursue your desired career as an app developer, or if you are simply passionate about creating an app, there is a route for you. To begin, you should consider studying a coding language, which is the cornerstone of app development and programming.

Here are a few examples of coding languages:








If you do not want to code, there are alternative options, such as the low code and drag & drop methods. You may create an app by using app development software.

An app developer without a degree

Deciding to get the information and abilities necessary for app development without enrolling in a lengthy college course will still require you to invest time, effort, and dedication. If you don't have access to a university, you'll need to look for shorter courses or online courses that teach app development and coding.

Here are some platforms that teach coding languages:



•​Plural Sight

•​Free code camp

Here are some drag-and-drop app developing software to use:




Advantages and disadvantage of Self-learning

Acquiring knowledge and a career after graduating from high school is not as easy as it appears. Several considerations must be addressed.


• You have complete control over your study time.

• You may pause and replay portions of the recorded sessions.

• It takes less time than a four-year course.


• Your credibility may be lower than that of people with a degree, making it difficult to be recognized by large corporations such as Google.

• It may be difficult and stressful since the teachings from the lengthy year course have been compressed and reduced for you, making it more difficult to digest.


It is entirely up to you whether you pursue your desire of becoming an app developer by pursuing a degree or not. In this scenario, there is no right or wrong answer, but you must evaluate your objectives and intents, such as whether you want this to be a professional career or a sideline.

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