Wix eCommerce

Learn about Wix eCommerce, its features, benefits, and why you should subscribe to it.

Wix eCommerce is presumably already familiar to you. People frequently question if Wix eCommerce is free to use. The answer is no.   Without purchasing a premium plan, you are unable to conduct business using your Wix website. However, you can use the free plan to create your store and have it ready to use. If you want to access built-in eCommerce features and start accepting payments through your website, you can upgrade to an eCommerce plan.   

The drag-and-drop editor used by Wix eCommerce is the same as the one you see in advertisements. It enables you to create your e-commerce website without worrying, coding or hosting. Simply select your template, edit it by moving text boxes and images about your pages, and then click "Publish"!  

Wix eCommerce Pricing

You'll need to upgrade to one of the Wix eCommerce plans to accept payments and generate revenue. The following three Wix eCommerce plans are available:  

1. Business Basic ($23/month)

The cheapest eCommerce plan is the Business Basic plan, making it your best value choice. If you're just getting started, it is the greatest choice. The cost of $23 per month is reasonable. If you're just getting started with website creation, Wix offers the best value for your money.

Using this plan, you get:   

• Wix Stores eCommerce platform. 

• 20GB of storage for all of your website's assets. 

• Unlimited bandwidth allows you to draw in as many users as you'd like. 

• Free personalized domain for a year. 

• No ads. 

• Five hours of video. 

• Advertisements voucher worth $300. 

• Use the Site Booster app to raise the Google rankings of your online store. 

• App for visitor analytics to learn more about your website's visitors. 

• Using Google Analytics.   

If you choose to pay yearly, the cost each month is $23. If paid monthly, the Business Basic plan costs $28. For small e-commerce companies who are just getting off the ground and opening an online store, the Business Basic plan is best.

2. Business Unlimited ($27/month)

The most well-liked eCommerce plan offered by Wix is this one. The plan with the most features, Business Unlimited, is the best choice for expanding businesses. Even so, this plan is less expensive than Shopify's base price.   

Your $27 each month buys you:   

• Every aspect of the Business Basic plan. 

• 35GB of storage. 

• 10 hours of video. 

• Use the Wix Logo Maker to make your very own, professional logo. 

• Files for social media logos.  

This plan provides excellent value for the money if you're trying to expand your business.

3. Business VIP ($49/month)

The most expensive plan offered by Wix is called Business VIP. It is ideal for well-established businesses that require more sophisticated tools. 

What you'll receive for $49 a month is:  

• All elements of the Business Unlimited plan. 

• 50GB of storage. 

• Hours of video without end. 

• Priority response. 

• VIP support.   

This plan is ideal for companies that require the full range of services and cannot afford to wait in line for assistance. The ideal plan for established businesses, as a result, is this one.


Utilizing Wix's free plan, you can create your store. You'll need to subscribe to one of these three eCommerce plans, though, to fully put these features to the test. If you're not completely satisfied with Wix within 14 days, you can get your money back with no questions asked.

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