Which Language Is Best for App Development?

Which Language Is Best for App Development? Learn about the pros and cons of using specific programming languages for app development in this post.

There are several inputs needed to develop an outstanding app and one of which is a programming language. As an app developer, you’ll need to possess good knowledge of at least one of the languages. Deciding on the language that best suits the app you want to develop will depend on your app's operating system (OS). If you are to build an iOS app, then Swift could be best for you. On the other hand, if Android is what you want to build, then you might want to choose Java. Wondering which language is the best for app development? Then let's journey ahead.

What are programming languages?

In simple terms, programming languages are codes written to help the computer understand and interpret what the developer intends to design. They contain machine-based instructions given by the developer to the computer to write applications.

There are hundreds of programming languages, each having different purposes and syntax. These languages are used to design mobile apps, web apps, and desktop apps. 

Types of programming languages

If we’re to go by Wikipedia's research, then we can say that there are about 700 programming languages available in 2022. With such numbers, one might be confused about which to choose for certain purposes. Here is a list of the top 5 most relevant programming languages:




 C# / C++


Best language for iOS apps

Swift, Apple's 2014 substitute for Objective-C, is considered the best programming language for iOS apps. This is because the language was designed with a consciousness of the Cocoa & Cocoa touch framework, making it easier to build iOS apps.      

Being an upgrade of Objective-C, Swift is equipped with effective features like generics, type inference, closures, and speedy compile times among others. Swift is easy to work with since it makes use of lesser codes. Also, its syntax is easier to learn as the guidelines are similar to other simple languages like python and C++.

Best language for Android apps

Java which is second on our list is generally accepted as the best programming language for Android apps. It was first developed by Sun Microsystem in 1995 and was later acquired by Oracle. As of 2008, it was considered the default language for designing android apps.

Java is known to be object-oriented, which means that with the language you can create an object that can be used to interact with other codes within your program. It is considered a profitable language since it can be used by the different OS and can operate on systems with Java Virtual Machine, JVM.

Java is advantageous because it has a vast digital library, easy codes, and similar syntax to C++. However, it makes use of a large volume of codes which warrants more time.

The best language for different apps

Different application development usually requires different languages, the most commonly developed app are as follows:

Native mobile apps

Native mobile app development requires you to choose languages that use an OS, either android or iOS. Such development languages include Swift, Java, and Objective-C.

Cross / Hybrid platform mobile app

These are mobile apps that can run across platforms, both mobile and web platforms. To develop this type of app you would have to use a language that is friendly with more than one type of OS. Languages like JavaScript and HTML5 will work.

Mobile website/ desktop apps

This website app development will need you to use languages that have web browser compatibility such as Ruby. The same goes for a desktop app, you will have to choose a language that is most friendly with its OS, such as C++


Knowing which language is best for different types of app development is a plus to your knowledge base. To develop an efficient app, it is important to use the most fitting programming language. Based on our research Java is said to be the best language for Android, while Swift is best for iOS. If you haven't gotten sufficient knowledge of these languages, then I suggest you add them to your learning plan.

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