Learn about the different factors that makes a website attractive and how you can apply them to your website.

It is very important to have an appealing website. When users visit your site for the first time, they would love to see exciting and engaging elements.  

So let's get into the things that help to make a website attractive;

Pictures and Graphics

This is a step to building trust because people want to see that what you offer is real. The higher and better the quality, the better your website looks.


Color and design plays an important role in how your website is perceived. According to psychology, color evokes feelings and emotions. Choosing the right colors and designs can boost your website and make it stand out.

Simple and Easy to Use

A good website is easy to use for everyone. It is important to supply enough information so your users and visitors can understand. Remember, keep things simple.

Relevant and Original Content

Show content that defines the REAL YOU than a second version of someone else. Your website should contain relevant elements to get your users attention.

Focus on what is important

Because most websites are jams packed with contents and ads, mangled by different colors, sizes and intruding shapes, a visitor will take a look for a few seconds and decide to leave the site to find a more easy to understand and engaging website. Your headlines should convey the primary essence of the article, the rest of the page should be easy to see and understand, be consistent with the language you decide to use. This will make your visitors see you as organized. 

Perception determines reception.

A good and appealing website is a must to have if you must pull traffic. With these you can be sure that visitors will see you as a trustworthy professional.

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