What is an application developer?

What is an application developer? Learn about the nature of the job, what tasks they do, the skills they need to possess, and how to become one.

If you are looking for a job with a high employment outlook, then application development may be for you. The digital world opened a lot of opportunities for people who are into technology. Different applications and software are continuously being launched nowadays and the demand for developers are also rising. Not only is the job in-demand but it is also high-paying. However, application development may not be for everyone. There is a certain level of skill, knowledge, and commitment that is required in order to flourish in this industry. In this article, learn about the nature of app development, what app developers do and the skills they need to possess, as well as how you could be one.

What is an application developer?

Application developers, specifically those who build mobile applications are individuals who specialize in designing, creating, deploying, and maintaining mobile applications. Their main responsibility is to address and satisfy user needs that is why they create mobile phone applications that will make the life of its users easier. They work in various industries and are usually part of project management or technical teams. 

What are the tasks of an app developer?

An application lifecycle takes different phases starting from ideation to launching and maintenance. Therefore, mobile app developers have a wide range of job responsibilities that require them to work even up until the app is already launched. Mobile app developers brainstorm for app ideas based on client's requirements; create prototypes of the application; write the code for the application; perform testing before launch; troubleshoot and debug the application; and add new features, reprogram, or complete updates.

What skills do they need to possess?

What makes this job in-demand and high paying is the technicality of its job responsibilities. Given the tasks mentioned above, an aspiring app developer ought to have a set of both soft and hard skills. Soft skills include technical skills, problem-solving skills, creativity, attention to detail, and of course communication skills. Meanwhile, hard skills include training in and knowledge of key programming languages like CSS, HTML5, Java, and JavaScript among others, They are also expected to be skilled and knowledgeable on cross-platform development, custom IOS development, UI/UX graphical interface design, and Xcode development.

How to become an app developer?

Now that you know what an app developer is and what kind of tasks are they responsible of, you might be wondering how you can become one. The typical way to be hired as a mobile app developer is to earn a bachelor's degree under a program that teaches critical computer or engineering skills. Some of the degree programs related to app development are software engineering, data science, computer science, software development, and information technology. Upon graduating, pursue an internship, consider taking a master's degree, or pursue certifications to gain experience and improve your craft. However, there are also mobile app developers who are successful in their craft even if they are not degree holders. You can still become one or get hired if you prove that you skills and knowledge are enough to bring value to your future employer. In fact, you can even be your own CEO.

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