Is Website Design Hard?

Is website design hard? Learn about the different components of a website that makes the process of designing easy or hard.

Like other skills and careers, there are sometimes misunderstandings as to what they really are, website design is not exempted. There are some belief as to what web design is, what it takes and how it is done.  

Web design is all about creating solutions and it involves art, skill, science and technology of building the outlook and purpose of a website. It also involves graphics and graphic software. 

Components of Web Design

Web design has a few subdivisions and they are:

Web graphic design

The website's visuals which consist of the fonts, colors and layout of every page on the website.

User experience design

Web design involves making an amazing and unforgettable experience. Communicating with your business should be a positive moment for the users. The look and feel of a digital interface requires a good user experience.

Interface design

An interface is an intermediary between the user and the system. Web design work is also referred to as interface design. Interface design is not only seen in websites but also mobile apps, computer software, games and other products.

Search engine optimization

 Some aspects of SEO are related to content writing etc, but web design also makes sure your website code is flawless and that usability does not stop your experience. This helps your content reach better positions on the search results ranking to enable you get to a wider audience looking for solutions.

In order to achieve a good looking website, you must consider speed, aesthetics, mobile friendliness, usability and content quality. Web design is the tool that will make people see your brand/ business the way you want them to.  All you need is motivation ( the right motivation). Web design might seem challenging at first but with time and focus you can achieve a lot.

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