Is it Better to See a Psychiatrist or Psychologist?

Is it Better to See a Psychiatrist or Psychologist? Learn about the differences on the expertise of these two in this post.

There are a lot of people who ask themselves if it's better to see a psychiatrist or a psychologist. The question is valid, but there are too many assumptions associated with it. In this guide, we’ll compare and contrast the jobs of psychiatrists and psychologists and try to figure out what their differences are, which would potentially make one better than the other.

What is a psychiatrist?

When it comes to mental health, psychiatrists and psychologists can be found in the same office. In fact, the two are frequently sought interchangeably by patients and even medical professionals. However, there are differences between the two professions that may help you determine which one is best for you. 

Psychiatrists are doctors who specialize in treating mental disorders such as depression, anxiety, and schizophrenia. They work closely with psychologists to treat these conditions but also prescribe medications that help patients manage their symptoms better.

What is a psychologist?

Psychologists treat mental disorders through psychotherapy and often provide behavioral therapy to patients suffering from anxiety or depression. They also offer guidance on how to cope with stress or other problems without medication.

Which one is better?

Determining which is better would be subjective. It would depend on your certain needs. Hence, instead of deciding for you, here are some of the key differences between the two professions to help you decide who to consult. 

• Examines the mental and physical aspects of psychological issues.
• Medical treatments are administered and prescribed.
• The primary responsibility is to identify the patient's specific disorder.
• Work on hospital grounds 

• Wide-ranging research and clinical practitioner
• Psychological testing and evaluation are their areas of expertise.
• Medication cannot be prescribed.
• Aren't required to work in a hospital.
• The primary responsibility is to assist individuals by offering psychotherapy

Do I need psychiatric or psychological care?

Psychiatrists and psychologists are both mental health professionals who use a variety of therapeutic methods to treat patients. They are often called upon to help treat people with various mental illnesses, such as depression, anxiety, and addiction. If you are currently dealing with extreme surges of uncomfortable and uncontrollable emotions, or struggling with addiction, self-harm, trauma, etc., it might be time to seek their care and schedule a consultation.


For most people, it is a good idea to speak with both a psychiatrist and psychologist before making any decisions. Psychiatrists are medical professionals that deal with your mental health. A psychologist is different in that he or she will deal with your mental state through talking rather than prescribing medicine. Regardless of the differences, both are helpful, and both are reliable when it comes to helping you deal with your mental and emotional struggles.

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