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Curious about Infomedia and how they serve their clients? Learn about their web services and why they are trusted by businesses through this post. 

Are you planning to start a website but is not confident on building and maintaining one? Or perhaps you already have an existing website but is now lost on where you are and what direction to take? Most businesses nowadays start with a website when it comes to establishing their online presence. Aside from it being a cheap marketing tool, it can be easily integrated with other platforms such as social media to maximize online visibility and marketing opportunities. Unfortunately, things are usually just good at the beginning. Some businesses fail to maintain the growth of their websites especially when they are just doing the backend support by themselves. This is where services from companies like Infomedia come in handy. In this article, we will discuss what Infomedia is and how they help businesses thrive through making the most out of their websites.

What is Infomedia?

Infomedia is a web consulting firm based in Birmingham, Alabama that specializes in web design and web construction. With over 20 years of service in the field of web design and development, they have worked with various organizations and businesses all over the world by providing solutions and support to problems concerning website management and enhance the state of their websites from conception to the entirety of its existence. Infomedia is composed of a team of competitive website professionals, web design experts, and support staff who are behind the success of various successful websites in and out of Birmingham like AOL, CNN or SportsSouth, and The Southeastern Conference.

Services offered by Infomedia

From micro essentials like logo design to big projects like a full website redesign, Infomedia’s team can do it all. Their web services are categorized into:


Infomedia’s in-house team of talented designers believe that a website is a representation of a business’ identity. Therefore, they make sure to showcase what and who the brand can offer in every element of the website. Everything from custom website design to web redesign, a new logo or digital and print graphics are all offered under this service.


Their development team is skilled in building websites, landing pages, intranets, and many other web development projects. They can build any type of website ranging from the basics to eCommerce platforms, an online gallery, or a portfolio website. Not only that, but this service also extends from conception to post-conception provision of technical support and maintenance.


Infomedia’s talented media team is composed of professional photographers and videographers who can help you with the photos and videos you need for your website.


Their project management team analyzes your business and goals and help you develop content and strategy around it. They also plan your website’s navigation and structure to make it professional-looking, future-proof, mobile responsive and user friendly.


Since Infomedia is known for its comprehensive web services that supports businesses all throughout the lifetime of their websites, their in-house support team updates and maintains the client’s websites to ensure its functionality.

Customer Reviews

Here is what former clients has to say about Infomedia’s web design services:

Doug Killough

The team at Infomedia was a pleasure to work with! They were professional and provided excellent guidance and direction without ever making me feel unheard. They listened to my thoughts and ideas and welcomed the input. They also kept me informed and regularly communicated updates, so I was never unsure of the progress of our site build. The new website looks and functions great, and I could not be more pleased!

Marcus Hines

We used Infomedia's web development services to rebuild a B2B website and was quite pleased with the results, so much so that we are now having them rebuild our B2C website. I have also found Infomedia's backend analytics review services to be super insightful on how our website is performing. Working with Pam in particular has been an ongoing pleasure. I highly recommend their services!

Erin Hill

Infomedia has been great to work with! Full Moon BBQ needed a serious revamp on our website, and it's absolutely stunning. From photography (Caleb and team), to design and functionality (SAM and MATT), to photoshoots (Alana), to project coordination (Leslie) to just caring and being readily available (ENTIRE SUPPORT TEAM), we're excited that we were able to convey our needs to Clay Conner and felt confident in the team that made the magic happen! If I left any names out, I owe you a free pork sandwich. You're all amazing and so talented!

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