How many apps are created a day?

How many apps are created a day? Find out the key Google Play Store statistics the daily creation rate of apps in this article.

The daily creation rate of apps is a topic of much interest. Do you ever wonder how many new apps are developed every day? No need to wonder any longer, as we will discuss both the Key Google Play Store Statistics and the number of apps created daily on the Google Play Store in this article.   

Due to the widespread use and adoration of Google's services, the company's success story is well known on a global scale. When it comes to technology, there is never a dull moment and it looks to be thriving. Mobile App Development was introduced by really talented engineers. The way the world was transformed as a result.   

With the introduction of applications, many people are taking the initiative to advance this field. Google is one such company whose products significantly changed the IT industry in many ways. They first introduced the "Android Market". However, it is now famously known as the "Google Play Store."   

There are millions of different mobile applications available for users to choose from, so variety is not an issue. For seasoned Android app developers, the Google Play Store is a wonderful platform for showcasing their work and expanding their consumer base. Indeed, Google Play Store is the best option for both users and developers.  

Key Google Play Store Statistics 

1. Total Number of Apps  

One of the most dependable websites in the world is Google. Daily, millions of users use it. Do you often wonder how many apps are available right now in the Google Play Store?   

The Google Play Store had 3.48 million apps available as of the first quarter of 2021. The precise amount of apps, though, can change. It’s because Google frequently ejects poor-quality apps from the store. 

2. Total Number of Apps Released per Day

There aren't any obstacles preventing the demand for mobile apps from expanding. As was already mentioned, a lot of people are curious about how many apps are released each day. To answer this question, 3,739 new apps are added to the Play Store each day!    

When we talk about apps in billions, it could seem like an unremarkable number. However, this number does increase, which substantially increases the number of mobile apps. In the years that follow, it will be impossible to ignore the impact of this.

3. Total Number of Apps Downloaded Annually

Every kind of app, in every market, is in high demand. Because of this, the numbers for annual app downloads have climbed over the past two years. This is further supported by the market's sharp rise in smartphone demand.   

In 2021, 111.3 billion mobile apps were downloaded by Google Play users globally, according to Statista's report on the subject. From 76 billion apps in 2018, it has increased. The number of downloads is substantially higher than the Apple App Store. It is because Google Play Store supports a greater variety of devices.

Indeed, Google has ingrained its services into people's lives and dominated the market with its cutting-edge concepts and business strategy. Its constant efforts to ensure the dependability and safety of its services account for its popularity. Contact a reputable Android app development company if you intend to launch an app for the Play Store. They will help you through the process and turn your app idea into a reality.

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