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Do you have a business and is planning to build a website for it? Learn about some of the things you can implement to make your web design great and effective in this post. 

Big or small, businesses thrive through marketing. One of the ways businesses market their products and services in the digital world is through their websites. A website is a good and cost-effective marketing tool that helps businesses reach their target market online. Because a website is supposed to “sell” the brand, it should represent the business’ value and identity the best way possible. An effective website design employs a balance between creativity and functionality. In this article, we will present to you relevant business website design pointers and samples depending on the kind of business you have.

What is the secret to an effective business website design?

As we have said, there should be a balance between creativity and functionality to come up with an effective web design. These two can be applied and should manifest in the two aspects of a website design - the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX). A creative UI design relies heavily on the graphics, visuals, and elements, and how they complement each other. It’s not just about the perfect color palette or eye-catching font style but how they work together in the entire interface of your website as well as how much they relate to the identity of your brand. Meanwhile, a functional UX design is achieved by making sure that your website is user friendly. This relies heavily on the navigation and location of relevant elements that will lead your visitors to the right pages. In a nutshell, your business website design should not just be pretty but also accessible and easy to use. This is how you lure your target audience to trust your business.

Website Design Pointers
for Each Business Type

1. Law and Finance

Law firms and accounting services usually build websites for their local communities. Their target clients are those from the nearby areas who need immediate service and professional help. Therefore, a law or finance business should make their contact details obvious and accessible in every post or page of their website. Another wise thing to be implemented when it comes to design is to follow a minimalistic style. This will not only highlight the data and information presented in their content but also make their website professional-looking.

2. Sports and Recreation

Websites for gyms, sports clubs, yoga and dance academies, and coaching services involve a lot of elements related to energy, health, and movement. These are all usually represented and motivated by visuals. Therefore, businesses involved in sports and recreation should invest on visually pleasing graphics, images, and videos especially in presenting their services, products, lessons, and programs.

3. Real Estate and Architecture

Businesses under this category have something similar to the first two in the list - they usually cater to locals and their websites are heavy in visuals and imagery. This means that a good website design for any real estate and architecture business should make contact details accessible as well as implement eye-catching and relevant graphics.

4. Food and Restaurant Business

When it comes to food, pleasure relies heavily on experience. Since the website visitors cannot physically see and taste the items in your menu, the challenge for you is how you can design your website in a way that it will make your visitors feel like they will surely have a great time if they will try your food or visit your restaurant. You can do this by placing eye-catching and mouth-watering images of your food and beverage items as well as give them as sneak peek of the ambiance in your place.

final thoughts

Our access to the internet in this digital world really broadened the possibilities of making things work easier in life. For businesses, marketing their products and business to their digital customers and clients has been made possible through their websites. Designing a website for a business should be planned and executed based on the kind of business and their goal in building one. But above all, it should be both creative and functional.
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