Best App Designer Tools

Get started with the mobile application design and development process with the best app designer tools listed in this article.

Mobile application design and development is not an easy task. However, through the help of online tools and software, designing and developing apps get easier for mobile app developers. There has been a rise in number of launched mobile apps recently  and the presence of tools and software allowed the creation of various types of apps with advanced features that give value to its users.

1. Andromo

Andromo is a beginner-friendly mobile app designer that allows designer and developers to build functional android or iOS mobile applications even without the skill of coding. Its simple drag and drop tools as well as intuitive interface enables users to create professional-looking and high quality apps within a short period of time. To use Andromo, you need to select among the available app templated first before selecting your choice of features and functions. You will then upload the necessary content and add a contact page After that, you can now save, download, and install the app on your phone to have a a preview of it before publishing it in the app store.

2. Sketch

Based on its name, Sketch is an app design software for Mac that is primarily intended for UI development. Its amazing vector tools enables its users to draw and design any type of illustration from simple icons and buttons to complex interfaces. Unlike Photoshop, Sketch is simpler and less cluttered making it easier to use in crafting prototypes, icons, covers, and a whole lot of other graphics. Its key features include a Sketch Cloud for instant collaboration, a central workspace, and a fast loading time.

3. Zeplin

 If you are more inclined into the designing part and wants to get help or advice from professionals for the development part, Zeplin is the right tool or software for you. Zeplin enables users to connect and collaborate with mobile app developers so the users can just focus on the UI/UX design part and leave the coding part on another team. What is good about Zeplin is that it supports both Mac and Windows, an inspect mode feature that allows users to access design elements and check their specs, a free plan, and three other plans for either a team, an organization, or an enterprise.

4. Figma

Figma is a great option for bigger app development projects compared to the other tools and platforms listed here. It offers both basic and advanced options and features while also enabling collaboration among UI creators, programmers, and even their clients. It is a favorite in the industry because of its collaboration, comments, and record-keeping features. Figma offers a Starter package, a Pro package, and a Professional package. 

5. Adobe XD

Last but not the least, Adobe XD is a familiar name not only because it has been existing for a long time already but also because it is a trusted tool and platform. It is both collaborative and easy-to-use, enabling users especially teams to create high-quality designs for mobile apps, games, and other interfaces. What sets aside Adobe XD from the others is its prototyping feature that allows users to create realistic UI designs. 

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