Learn about the 5 elements to a good website design and why you should apply them to your website.

Good quality website is important for the success of any business/ brand. If it is too slow to load, too hard to read or difficult to navigate, visitors/ customers won't think twice about visiting a more reliable site.  Excellent user experience should be your top priority if you must have a top notched website. 

Here are 5 basic elements that makes a website outstanding. 

1. Content hierarchy

2. Navigation 

3. Color Palette 

4. Visual Layout 

5. Mobile 

Content Hierarchy

It is essential to communicate trustworthiness, experience and top notch delivery of products and services to your customers/ visitors. Information should be easy to read and understand. Choose your words carefully, users should know what information you are providing.


You might want to think of creating additional directional arrows that will help direct users through each section. At the top of your page, you can add "The Hamburger Menu" which is 3 parallel horizontal lines. This is an economical way to save space. You can also add a "Back to top" button.

Color paletter

Your color and fonts selection will inform visitors opinion of your site. You must pay close attention to your brand before selecting colors in order to pick what suits your site more. After you have chosen a dominant color, you should consider the palette you want. You can check Psychology of Colors for more insight and ideas.

Visual layout

Your website's visual appearance and overall layout is a crucial component. It is said that users take only 50 milliseconds to form an opinion of your website and that will determine if they'll stay or leave. Good photography or graphics give supplementary information to your text. Be sure that the images complement each other.


It is said that in the last five years, the amount of mobile web traffic overtook desktop traffic and it shows no sign of slowing down. Google introduced a mobile-first index to rank sites in search result about six years ago and in May 2021, the search engine is rolling out Core Web Vitals, a set of metrics to measure how well your site delivers quality user experience. The better your site performs, the more Google will give you a ranking boost. Mobile-friendly websites are not just nice, they are important.

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