5 Business Websites for Web Design Inspiration

Are you looking for web design inspiration? Check out these 5 business websites and find out how you can apply their design to yours.

When it comes to design, it is a nature for us humans to always look for inspiration. This helps us gain ideas on how should our design look like, what it should consist of, and why certain aspects of design are important to apply or not. The key in finding inspiration is being clear on what you want so you will know where you can find prospects for inspiration.  For example, if you want to create an online shop, you might want to explore existing online shops with the same niche that you like so you can find ideas for yours. In this article, I will lay down 5 business websites that you can check out for web design inspiration. Enjoy!

Endeavor Capital uses a total business template which makes it very corporate-looking. Upon visiting, you will already have an idea that it is a business website. It is very straight-forward as proven by its existing pages and how its homepage is structured. The choice of themes and colors is also superb. There is no visual clutter and every element contributes to the overall design and purpose of the website.

What I like about this website design is its subtly playfulness. The visuals do not give away the nature of the website but its content and calls to action do. Despite using a monochromatic blue color, they still managed to make it visually-pleasing. The existing webpages are also straight-forward which is essential for businesses. Anyone who visits can eventually know which way to go depending on what they need. 

Canatal's design is very modern but sleek and simple. I like how they added other webpages in their menu which makes their website more professional and gives their visitors more options to check out. The visuals and the theme represents the nature of the business clearly and the choice of colors match everything else. Overall, Canatal is a great inspiration for your business website.

Northwood Retail's design is a bit more simpler compared to others but just like Canatal.com, they included additional webpages in their menu that made their website stand out and more interesting to visit for prospect customers. Their homepage is filled with visuals that directly represents the nature of their business. However, the number of visuals did not make it cluttered to look like but complimented the whole idea of their homepage instead/

Last but definitely not the least, this design from Jelly Agency is a bit more playful compared to others but what I like about it is they were still able to pull it off. The colors compliment each other and made the nature of their business more apparent given that they are a design agency. The homepage and menu contains all the basic pages and elements for a business website and is very user-friendly.

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