What makes a good website? Learn about the 10 elements that makes a good website and why you should include them in your checklist.

Before publishing your website, there are steps to consider for a successful website checklist. Simple or complex, some elements must not be exempted. If you must be outstanding, then you should consider the following mentioned in this article.  Before we dive into the elements responsible for a good website checklist, advantages of a good website checklist include:  

- Visibility 

- Web security 

- Easy to use 

- Efficient and so on.


Quality web hosting

A good website should have a place where all it's information is stored and easy to access for everyone.


The message you intend to pass and the feeling that will emanate are important in as much as coloring and fonts are important. And this is dependent on your branding.

Social Media

It is important to connect your business to social media streams to develop your relationship with your clients and so that other people can be aware of what you do.

Good user experience

This is so very important. Provide useful content that solves major problems of clients you are targeting. Provide an appealing journey to the visitors with good and cohesive colors, fonts, images etc.


 For a better user experience and SEO, a mobile web traffic should be made available for mobile phones.


This is the face of your brand, it must be positioned rightly for visibility.

Website icon

These are small images that appear on your browser tab. It is ideal to have an icon unique to your brand.

Fast and easy to find

Details/ information about your brand, business, products or services must be easy to access on your website.

Appropriate language

Maintain simple language appropriate to your niche especially when writing in English.

Internet links between your articles

Creating links to your articles helps the visitors know more about their research and it helps to improve linked page authority which gives a higher rank in Google's searches (SEO).

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