Why you should not use Wix?

Learn why you should not use Wix in making your website and the disadvantages it entails. 

Many people wonder why you shouldn't use Wix to develop a low-cost website. These DIY (Do It Yourself) website builders appear to be a wonderful deal when you first look at them. However, if you delve deeper into these DIY websites, you'll discover that they're not all they're supposed to be. You can probably end up with an unattractive website that doesn't attract any visitors or customers.

Take note that building a website is similar to constructing a house. It needs a group of people with a variety of expertise to put it together. When you utilize platforms like Wix to create your website, it's like trying to build a house from scratch. It may look nice in the end, but it will have numerous structural flaws.

1. Bad User Experience

The fact that you are not a skilled web designer is the main reason you should not use Wix to build a website. The process of developing a website is complex. When you make a website with a DIY site builder, you're probably not thinking about the user experience. It will degrade your user experience, resulting in a loss of clients and revenue, as well as brand recognition and originality, because many other customers are utilizing the same website templates as you.

2. Speed & Security

Speed and security are two of the most crucial aspects of a website. User engagement and search engine optimization (SEO) will both improve from a quick website. Wix.com hosts your website on a shared server with thousands of other users, which slows down your site and leads to lost customers and a poor user experience. Having so many users on a single server is also risky in terms of security because if one of these servers is hacked, every customer hosted on that server might be compromised.

3. Lack of SEO

The fact that Wix is not SEO-friendly is probably its single biggest flaw. Because you don't have complete control over your website, Wix websites are infamous for having poor search engine optimization (SEO). As a result, you'll have excess HTML and unneeded code, which will affect your search engine rankings.

4. Limited Pages

Wix's cheapest website plan has a single page, which is bad in so many ways because a website should never be merely one page. You need an authoritative website with multiple pages to interact and sell to customers. Another disadvantage of having limited pages is that your website is more likely to receive no visitors.

5. Website Ads

When you create a website using Wix, you'll see a big ad explaining how the website was made, which might drastically reduce your management rate and brand recognition. Customer confidence is crucial. Customers will notice if you build a cheap site, and this will give them a sense of cheapness because they know you didn't put much effort into it.

When it comes to using Wix to create your website, there are still many drawbacks. There may be no traffic or visits. If you do, they are likely to leave because the website has not established enough confidence in the company