What is the most expensive domain name?

Learn about what is the most expensive domain name out there and how much it costs.

When people think of domain prices, they usually come up with anything around $15. However, domain names often sell for considerably more than $15. Weekly public domain purchases in the tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars are not uncommon. Additionally, domain sales in the millions are frequently reported.

Here are the top six (6) domain name sales of all time:

1. Business.com ($345 Million)

After Dow Jones and The New York Times attempted to purchase the domain Business.com in the years after 1999, its value skyrocketed. The domain was purchased by RH Donnelly for $345 million in 2007. However, the buyer of this domain name did not have much luck, and just two years after purchasing the domain, the third-largest print and online Yellow Pages publisher in the United States declared bankruptcy.

2. LasVegas.com ($90 Million)

VEGAS.com, LLC purchased the domain 'LasVegas.com' in 2005 intending to combine the two domains so that both search terms directed online visitors to the travel agency from Las Vegas. Stephens Media, the previous owner of the domain, consented to a contract that included an initial payment of $12 million and a payment schedule that extends until 2040. The $90 million sales will go down in history as one of the most expensive website purchases ever.

3. CarInsurance.com ($49.7 Million)

QuinStreet, a California-based vertical marketing and online media company made news at the end of the past decade with some of the most costly domain name purchases ever. In just 13 months, the business had bought three massive domain names in the insurance industry. On November 8, 2010, it resulted in the purchase of CarInsurance.com.

This domain was already a highly profitable consumer site for auto insurance research and comparison shopping. That is the reason why it is QuinStreet's crown jewel. QuinStreet cemented its position as the industry leader in online insurance with that single purchase, which came at a time when online shopping was flourishing.

4. Insurance.com ($35.6 Million)

QuinStreet purchased the second of the trinity of insurance domain names for $35.6 million in August 2010. It's in addition to all of Insurance.com's existing media and technology assets. This online platform was valued since it was a popular site for comparing insurance rates for cars, health, life, house, and renters insurance.

5. VacationRentals.com ($35 Million)

Tourism has never been more popular than it is today, thanks to the internet. One of the top five most costly domain names for sale was, unsurprisingly, related to vacation rentals. VacationRentals.com was bought simply to prevent another company from acquiring it first.

6. PrivateJet.com ($30.1 Million)

This is the only domain on the list that caters almost entirely to the wealthiest of the wealthy. It rents out luxury jet charters for international business flights. Nations Luxury Transportation, LLD, an Atlanta-based travel services company, purchased PrivateJet.com for $30.1 million.

Web domains have increased in value and relevance as the Internet has grown. For companies prospering in the information era, web domains evolved into potent marketing and branding tools. These single lines of text can transform local brands into global powerhouses.