What is the Best Web Design Software?

Learn how web design is made possible and easier by software as well as what is the best web design software for you.

In building and designing a website, it is essential to choose the best software and tools to ensure a modern and professional-looking output. Fortunately, various software and tools are already available online for designers and developers to choose from. Gone are the days when coding a website using HTML & CSS was the only option. Designers today can already use one or more software and tools to bring their dream website into life. In choosing the best software, you should consider their goal and needs depending on the kind of website you are planning to put up. We collated five of the best web design software you might want to check out below.

Five of the Best Web Design Software for you:

1. Wix

Wix is probably the most beginner-friendly software because it is very easy to use, does not require coding, and has a wide range of features that are not complicated to implement. Aside from slow technical support, there are no other issues with Wix. They offer a range of plans and products, hundreds of templates to choose from, and core editing functions that will surely help you build and design a sleek and professional website. A free version is available but upgrading into their pro version will give you unlimited storage space and bandwidth as well as freedom from ads.

2. WordPress

Aside from Wix, WordPress is another beginner-friendly website builder and design software. It is very easy to install and use plus there are a lot of pre-built templates to choose from which you can also tweak and restyle depending on your  preference. You can use WordPress for free or subscribe to a plan for better features. Either way, you can build and design a professional-looking website through WordPress without having to learn programming or coding at all.

3. Squarespace

Another two-in-one website builder and design software is Squarespace. It is similar to Wix in a way that it has an intuitive drag-and-drop interface that makes designing and navigating user-friendly. Squarespace also features a lot of themes and color customizations for your designing process. You can avail their personal plan with limited number of webpages and contributors or upgrade to their business plan for unlimited use.

4. Figma

While the first three are both website builder and design software, Figma is one you can use for interface design and prototyping. It helps you envision the look of your website prior to its launching. Figma has an intuitive vector-based interface that allows you to easily design your website the same way when you use other software like Adobe XD or Sketch. Moreover, using Figma allows you to design collaboratively with your team which makes feedback possible.

5. Canva

Aside from interface design and prototyping, crafting and designing graphics is also part of the whole web design process. Canva is probably one of the best graphic design software available online. It is very easy to use and offers a multitude of templates and design types for almost all kinds of graphics. Plus, you can use it for free or upgrade to Canva Pro for additional features. Doing so will allow you to transfer transparent PNGs and resize graphics. 

Now that you know how web design software works and what are some of the recommended ones to use, you might be wondering if it is worth the try and the penny. Well, those in this list is definitely beginner-friendly which means you can use them even if you do not have a solid background on web design. Subscribing to a plan or upgrading is also worth the money because designing a professional-looking website entails a wider range or features. Just remember that before spending for the web design software of your choice, make sure that you assess its suitability to the kind of website you wish to develop and design.