How Can I Create A Website Using HTML?

Learn about the step-by-step process on how you can create a website from scratch using HTML.

HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is what gives web pages their structure. You can save your web page as an HTML document and see it in your web browser once you've already finished it. Basic text editors can be used to create HTML pages.

We will teach you how to create a website using HTML and we will break it into six parts.

Part 1: Adding a Head

Step 1: You'll normally use Notepad or Notepad++ on a computer running the Windows operating system. TextEdit will be used by Mac users, and Text will be used by ChromeOS users

Step 2: Type in < ! DOCTYPE html> and press ↵ Enter.  This will tell the web browser that this is an HTML document.

Step 3: Type <html> and press ↵ Enter. This will open a tag for your HTML code.

Step 4: Type in <head> and press ↵ Enter. This tag will open your HTML head.

Step 5: Type in <title>. This tag will enable you to add a title to your page.

Step 6: Type a title for your web page. The title can be anything you want to name your web page.

Step 7: Type in </title> and press ↵ Enter. This tag will close your title tag.

Step 8: Type </head> and press ↵ Enter. This tag will close your head.

Part 2: Adding a Body and Text

Step 1: Type in <body> below the closed "Head" tag. This will open the body of your HTML document.

Step 2: Type in <h1>. This tag adds a heading to your HTML document.

Step 3: Type a heading for your page. The heading can be the title of your page or a greeting.

Step 4: Type </h1> after your heading text and press ↵ Enter. This tag will close your heading.

Step 5: Type <p>. This tag will open a paragraph.

Step 6: Type some text. The text can be a description of your webpage or anything else you want to share.

Step 7: Type </p> after your text and press ↵ Enter. This tag will close your paragraph text.

Part 3: Adding Additional Elements

First, you have to add a picture to your page. Then, add a link to your HTML. Lastly, add a line break to your HTML by typing <br>.

 Part 4: Customizing Colors

 You must first check the official HTML color names and codes list. The background color must then be set in the <body> tag. After that, for any tag, set the text color. Finally, choose a header or paragraph's background color.

 Part 5: Closing the Document

First, you have to type </body> to close your body. Then, type </html> to close your HTML document. This tag tells the web browser that there is no more HTML code after this tag.

Part 6: Saving and Opening Your Web Page

Step 1: For Mac users, convert your document to plain text.

Step 2: Click File.

Step 3: Click Save as.

Step 4: Enter a name for your HTML document.

Step 5: Change the document from a text file to an HTML file

Step 6: Click Save.

Step 7: Close your text editor

Step 8: Open the HTML document with your browser

Step 9: Edit the HTML document if needed  

You have now successfully created a web page using Hypertext Markup Language (HTML). HTML is one of the numerous web-development tools. Knowing how to write HTML can help you build a solid foundation for your web design career.