GoDaddy web design review

Look into this GoDaddy web design review and learn about the pros and cons of using the platform.

GoDaddy is by far the most well-known choice for domains, hosting, website builders, and productivity solutions for small businesses, with Super Bowl ads, TV ads, and online advertising. It is, without a doubt, a well-known brand in the website services industry.

GoDaddy Website Builder Pricing

GoDaddy has five tiers, including free, website plans.

Free Plan

Basic Plan

Standard Plan

Premium Plan

Ecommerce Plan

Pros of GoDaddy Website Builder

The website builder from GoDaddy is a hosted website builder. As a result, it will have certain inherent benefits. With the GoDaddy website builder, there are four distinct advantages.

 Onboarding and Ease of Use

Onboarding and ease of use are two of GoDaddy's strong points. It's as though every question you have is answered before you even ask it. You're also coached through the configuration precisely as you want it. GoDaddy also lets you pick your exact specialization, and they don't just pick a standard design for you; they match stock photography and other features to a specific website design that will better suit you.

Design and Editing

You can choose from a variety of templates with pre-filled images and design elements in the GoDaddy website builder. It also gives you the ability to customize and change the design of your GoDaddy theme. No matter what you do with the design options, the site layout is mobile-friendly and keeps a wonderful look.

Product Integration

The largest domain registrar is GoDaddy. It is also a significant web host that offers additional services like email and productivity tools. If you have a GoDaddy domain, you may simply select it from the GoDaddy website builder menu. You're now live on that domain.

Customer Support

The GoDaddy website builder is a piece of GoDaddy's proprietary software that runs on their servers. As a result, their customer service team can and will resolve any product issues. If you have a GoDaddy website builder website, its support team will be able to solve the problem faster than if you have a self-hosted website and must lead the troubleshooting efforts.

Cons of GoDaddy Website Builder

GoDaddy, like even direct competitors such as Wix, has inherent disadvantages as a hosted website builder.

Limited Feature Set – Design

With any technology product, there is usually always a trade-off between ease and control, and the GoDaddy website builder software is no exception. The simplicity of their design setup is wonderful, but if you want to go beyond the essentials of design, the GoDaddy website builder is rather limiting.

Limited Feature Set – Technical

The website builder on GoDaddy has an odd rendering. It connects quickly but then loads a slew of JavaScript files, which significantly slows down the process. It can also be highly restricting if you need to upgrade or perform anything unique or special.

Future and Growth

GoDaddy is a proprietary hosted service. As a result, GoDaddy has access to all of your information. Even if you are only using the GoDaddy website builder to get started while preparing a more long-term website solution, you must keep in mind that all of your website data is tied to GoDaddy.

The GoDaddy website builder is an excellent choice if you want a service that will get you a website quickly and easily with no difficulties.