Who Invented iOS Apps?

Who Invented iOS Apps? Find out the names behind Apple's iOS mobile applications in this post,

Have you ever wondered who invented iOS Apps? Well, I won't be surprised if you already know, nonetheless, it won't be against the rules to refresh your memory and enlighten you more with some histories.

So yes, Steve jobs is the inventor of iOS apps. The first ever iOS was launched in 2007 known as iOS 1, however, Apple keeps proving itself efficient by updating its iOS. As of the 12th of September 2022, Apple introduced iOS 16, keeping iOS app users ever on the lookout. Now, let's learn a little more about the iOS app's inventor Steve Jobs.

A Brief History of Apple's Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was nurtured by his foster parents in Silicon Valley, somewhere in Cupertino California. He attempted to study engineering at Reed College Portland but dropped eventually

In 1974 Job reunited with Stephen Wozniak, and in 1976, they designed the first Apple I, then went on to design Apple Il. In 1984 Steve introduced the Macintosh but encountered some challenges with the software. This dropped the company's sales and so, made the Apple board take him off the Board of directors.

Not accepting defeat, Job started a new company named NeXT.Inc. which also designed computers, however, his computers were a bit pricey to gain access into the computer market. Owing to that, he decided to focus mainly on innovative software systems in the 1990s named NEXTSTEP.

Coincidentally, Steve's former company, Apple, met with huge losses almost to the point of liquidation, and so decided to employ a new chief semiconductor executive, Gilbert Amelio. This new executive noticed that no new operating system had been designed by Apple that matched Steve's Macintosh. So he decided to buy NEXTSTEP, Steve Jobs's new software system company, bringing Steve Jobs back into Apple.

In 1998, Steve invented the iMac, which was an affordable egg-shaped computer with good processing speed. This invention helped save Apple, giving it rays of hope. With the stable growth, Steve was inspired to change the business name to Apple Inc. officially in 2007.

Still, in 2007, Steve's innovative mind persuaded the company to venture into telecommunication giving birth to Apple's first-ever mobile phone named iPhone. It later introduced the iPod touch, iTunes, and an array of other iOS apps.

 iOS 1 Vs iOS 16

Let's see how much upgrade Apple has done to its iOS between 2007 to 2022 by skimming through the features of the first and the current.

iOS 1

Not officially accepted during its inception, Steve Jobs decided to publicize iOS 1 as a software that functions as a mobile version of Apple's desktop OS X. Some of the features available were;

Multi-touch gestures

Visual voicemail

Mobile web browsing on Safari

YouTube app






iOS 16

iOS 16 was made available to Apple users on the 12th of September 2022. However, this can only be accessed by iPhone 8 users and subsequent higher versions. The upgraded features include:

Door detection for low vision or blind people

Reimagined lock screen & home app

One glance informative widgets

Different styles of notification view

Focus lock screen

Editable and recallable messages

Mail overhaul

Copy and paste image subjects from it's background to apps

Live texts; translate text or convert currencies

Share website with Share Tab Groups

Family Sharing

Safety Check

Personalized spatial audio

Game center

Apple news

Health app

Apple Maps

Fitness app



Apple Pay Order Tracking


iOS apps inventor Steve Job brought the vision of Apple to the point of stardom it has found itself in now. His doggedness and diligence paved a way for the iOS app and made it a seemingly indispensable contributor to the tech industry. The updating strategy of Apple and its iPhone makes it difficult to get tired of. With the introduction of the iPhone 15, it looks like it can only get better.

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