Mobile App Development Softwares

There are so many app development softwares on the internet today, but we will be looking at some of the best softwares that offer good user experience for the creation on your app.


Buddy is a development tool that can test, sign, build and deploy your app with zero stress in a single click. Some of it’s features are:

Over 100+ actions

Support for popular languages

Supports technologies like HTML, Angular JS etc.

Provides customers support

Integrates with Azure, AWS, Shopify, Slack, MS Teams, Netlify, Digital Ocean, Heroku etc.


This software tool helps you make apps with little or no coding skills. Its features are:

Easy to make multilingual app

GPS location tracking can be added to your app.

Provides customers support

You can send push notifications to your customers.

Supports technologies like HTML, CSS and JavaScript.


This is a major development framework for developing hybrid mobile apps. It’s features are:

Free and open source project.

Offers tools and services for interactive apps.

Supports web technologies like HTML and JavaScript.

Supported platforms are IOS and Android

Offers 30 days free trial.


This software tool makes continuous testing and Mobile/ IoT DevOps a reality. It also resolves issues before production. It’s features are:

Access to real devices within your IDE for debugging

Test on real devices in the cloud

Supports technologies like Web, Native and Hybrid.

Provides customers support via contact form, chat and email.

Offers 14 days free trial.


Jamf is a tool that allows you to manage, connect and protect Apple apps, products and corporate resources in the cloud. Below are it’s features:

Allows you to configure Wi-Fi, email contracts calendar with no hassle.

Enables you to configure VPN with your custom profiles.

Supports technologies such as Python, Ruby, Swift, HTTP and Java

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