Which is More Expensive - App or Website?

Which is more expensive? An app or website? Find out the difference in terms of cost and expenses in building an app and a website in this post.

Apps and Websites are helpful especially for business owners and companies. This help promotes their services and provides regular customers with a more convenient and accessible platform where they can communicate and be notified of the latest updates and offers. Generally, an app can be created after a successful run of a website. Hence, you can make two, both an app and a website. But if you only prefer to make one, let us weigh which one requires more budget.

In this post, we are going to tackle the difference between developing an app and a website as well as which one would be more expensive to make and maintain.

Developing an app

A typical mobile application interacts with external computer resources via a network connection. Mobile application development focuses on the process of building software applications that function on a mobile device.

Developing a website

Web development focuses on creating, designing, and developing a website for the Internet or an intranet. Web development includes everything from creating a single static page of plain text to creating large web apps, social network services. and electronic companies.

Which is More Expensive?

In developing an app these factors shall be considered:

•​Hiring an App developer or doing it yourself

•​App-building tools and skills

•​App development budget

•​App maintenance budget

In hiring a developer, the hourly cost depends on your location. A rough estimation would range from $40,000 to around $300,000 from simple to complex app development. The formula you can use to compute your estimated cost in your area would be total development time x hourly rate = cost.

This does not yet include the budget you’ll need in your app maintenance for future app updates which will require you a team or loads of time if you are the one to handle your app.

In developing a website these factors shall be considered:

•​Website developer/designer

•​Website building platform

•​Website maintenance

•​Content creator

A website is faster and easier to develop than even a simple app. It is also a fact that it is less expensive and feasible to be created by yourself. Unlike an app that requires several courses for you to learn to develop one, some platforms are easy to navigate such as WordPress or Wix in which you could create a free website.

the rough estimate will be $0-$13,350 from a DIY website to a medium website. This includes domain, hosting, design and programming, content writing, and maintenance.

Which is better?

A website is often less expensive to maintain. It also improves the user experience on many sorts of mobile devices. And, because responsive web design supports several devices across multiple platforms, it's becoming easier to reach a larger audience than a mobile app can. However, it is more inconvenient than apps. There is less user convenience and no offline access.

Apps, on the other hand, are more convenient and provide a better user experience. It is also a great solution for services that require regular use and is ideal for working offline. Although, its maintenance requires a larger budget and also more work for compatibility.


Although creating a website is often easier and less expensive, keep in mind that an app gives superior quality and speed. A well-designed mobile app may complete activities considerably faster than a mobile website. Apps often save their data locally on mobile devices, as opposed to webpages, which typically require web servers. As a result, data retrieval in mobile apps is quick. It also saves time for consumers because it is merely a single click away from mobile phones.

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