What are most websites coded in?

Learn about the different codes and programming languages which most websites are coded in.

Web designers are like gurus to some people but they are artists. Artists who create using codes and programming languages. They want these sites to perform accurately and look good for businesses and clients. So here are languages in which websites are coded

1. HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language)

This is the beginning of a website but it is not a programming language. With HTML you can add images, audios and videos to your website. It also has unique tags.

2. CSS

This is like a style sheet language used to add beauty to a website, like customizing texts, color, font size etc. Just like HTML it is not a programming language but it is important for coding and very easy to use.

3. Java

This is programming language used to develop games, applications, web content and software. Java makes your website authentic and it is secure. It has many APIs for web development.

4. JavaScript

The King of website development as it is usually called, is used to add engaging elements to your website and helps reduce code length. It is simple and easy to learn.

5. Python

This is one of the easiest programming language to work with and it is an open source language. It is platform sufficient and it supports strong prototype website developing.

6. SQL

This is a database query language that is used to compute large amounts of data and relational database. It is usually paired with other programming codes and languages for good result. It has security enabled elements,

7. PHP

This is used on massive data websites or application development. It is an open source language that can be easily modified for a good website. It makes use of it's own server which makes it faster than JSP and ASP. It is easy to understand and manages codes easily.

8. NET

Dot net as it is usually pronounced is a guideline oriented code used to develop applications. It works with programming languages such as C#, C++, F# and VB.NET. It uses advanced features and authentication authorization mechanism for efficient data security.

9. Angular

This is used to make progressive websites. It is a TypeScript application platform that is led by Angular Team at Google by some individuals and corporations. Websites created using Angular have high speed and good quality and can be built in a short while.

Understanding the above examples will help if you want to start a career in website development.

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