Is Wix really free?

Is Wix really free? Learn about the prices for each package of Wix and which one is suitable for you and your website.

A well-known cloud-based website builder is Wix. It makes it simple for regular, non-technical people to design and build attractive websites for a variety of purposes. Users may build extremely interactive, polished websites using its easy drag-and-drop platform in only a few hours, with little to no training.

Free Wix Features

Wix is truly cost-free to use. Utilizing drag-and-drop technology, gorgeous design templates, and other fantastic features, Wix customers can simply build their websites. Wix's free version naturally comes with certain restrictions, though. It has a designated domain name, adverts on every page, customer support, a 500MB storage limit, and a 500MB bandwidth cap, but it is exempt from Google Analytics and online payment options.

Premium Features

Some Wix users desire to use website functionalities that go beyond what is included in the free account. So, there are various premium Wix plans. Five distinct premium programs are available from Wix. Although they are very inexpensive, they offer excellent value and give site visitors a feeling of exclusivity.

The Wix price plans are summarized as follows:

Connect Domain ($4.50 per month)

Its distinctive quality is how it got its name. It enables users to "connect" their domain names to Wix websites. The 1GB bandwidth available to members of this plan is quicker than the 500MB bandwidth of the free plan. However, it has the same storage limitations and Wix ads as the free plan, making it unsuitable for commercial customers.  

Combo Plan ($8.50 per month)

The Combo Plan is best used for personal purposes. For the first year, this plan includes a free domain name; however, subsequent years will incur additional fees. Ads are eliminated, and Combo has quicker 2G bandwidth and more storage at 3G than the basic premium. Users of this plan can also link their domain names, however, an online store option is not provided.

Unlimited Plan ($12.50 per month)

For freelancers and business owners specifically, there is the Unlimited Plan. It includes 10GB of storage, a personalized favicon, and unlimited bandwidth, from whence it derives its name. Form builder and site booster are two additional paid apps available to subscribers of this plan.

eCommerce Plan ($16.50 per month)

The eCommerce Plan is intended for companies or individual business owners that want to launch online shops. The best thing about Wix's online store platform is that you can try it out for free before purchasing any of the other options. The members are given the choice and enough time to test out this premium function before deciding whether to purchase it or not. Compared to alternative platforms for online stores, the eCommerce Plan is comparatively less expensive.

Wix VIP ($24.50 per month)

The most expensive option is this one. The eCommerce Plan's functionalities are also available in the Wix VIP. However, subscribers also receive a professional website review and ten newsletter campaigns.


Without a doubt, Wix is among the best free website builders available today. It is so full of helpful features and simple to use that even non-techies can quickly establish their website. Because all paid services include a two-week money-back guarantee, it is safe to try one out first if you want to upgrade to a premium plan but want to be certain of your investment. It is worth a shot.

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