Is Wix any good?

Learn about Wix and whether it is a good platform to use for website design and development for beginners.

Wix is the world's most popular website builder. There is something for everyone here. There are three types of editors, hundreds of themes, and thousands of plugins available. It's more versatile than the competitors, and for most people seeking a platform to build a website, this appears to be the best option.

1. Wix for Blogs

Wix is a great blogging platform for both creative authors and new business owners. Its blog editor helps you format your content, add bullets, links, and more. It also allows you to customize the title tag and meta description of your blog entries, as well as change the default URL. However, Wix is one of the pricier blogging platforms.

2. Wix for Portfolio Sites

If you're planning to create a winning portfolio website for your artwork or want to sell your art online, Wix is a fantastic option. All of the necessary tools for selling art are available. Beginners and more experienced website builders will both benefit from this builder.

The majority of the tools are suitable for visual artists. For artists of a different caliber, the print-on-demand third-party integrations, digital downloads, and visual-focused templates won't be much help. That is why the majority of visual artists and designers use Wix to create their portfolios.

3. Wix for Business Websites

Wix has many features tailored to businesses, and you can always go to the app store to purchase more plugins for your website. When you combine Wix's unique editing tools with its marketing and SEO features, as well as its vast customization, you can create the online presence of your dreams. While it allows for customization, it does not have all of the tools you could require.

4. Wix for Online Stores

Wix has everything a small business owner would require. It could be a fantastic Commerce suite with a powerful marketing and SEO features, as well as unique online store designs. Because you can offer both digital and physical items, your site visitors will have lots of options to fill their shopping carts. Wix's editor lets you create a unique store and integrate complex third-party integrations like Google Analytics.

While Wix is an excellent option for online stores, it has one major drawback: you cannot move your store. Your shop is very much stuck on the platform once you sign up. Scaling is only feasible within Wix's system, and your site cannot be exported.

Wix Free Plan

Wix's free plan has far too many restrictions to be used for a proper website. Wix ads will be on your page at all times. You'll also need to utilize a subdomain with at the end instead of a custom domain. It appears a little unprofessional for a business.

Wix Premium Plans

All paid plans offer a free domain name for the first year and allow you to use a custom domain. Paid plans will also include a free SSL certificate and the removal of ads. The premium plans are the ones to go for.

It's considerably easier than you think to set up a new website. People nowadays are increasingly interested in having their own online presence. People don't have to rely just on their Instagram accounts, Facebook pages, or Twitter accounts. New websites are being launched.