How much should I pay someone to make a website?

Learn about the common things you have to consider and pay for if you will hire someone to make your website.

Web development technologies are continually evolving in today's world. It's easier than ever to build a website from the ground up without any specific expertise. However, website owners may still need to hire web designers and developers because only true specialists can implement elements that make your project shine.

The cost of professional services will be highlighted here. You'll figure out who you need to finish a project. You'll also get an idea of how much he or she will cost.

Web Developer vs Web Designer

Let's identify who you need for your project before we go into the numbers and price tags. It is a popular misconception that web designers and developers perform the same thing, however, this is untrue. Developers and designers employ distinct instruments and have opposing issues to master, and each specialization demands different skills and approaches.

Web Designer

Web designers are primarily concerned with a website's visual appearance. Modern web design trends raise the bar for what we refer to as UV/UX. The concept remains the same: a competent web designer can assist you in creating website logos, icons, and buttons.


The implementation of the site and the manner all aspects run are important to web developers. Coding and programming are the specialties of web developers. Scripting, file editing, front-end development, and other relevant skills are required.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Web Designer or Web Developer?

The first decision you must make is whether you will pay a fixed fee or an hourly rate. There are some hits and misses in both fixed fee and hourly rates. Your payment option will mostly be determined by the complexity of your work.

Hourly Pays

Small projects that take less than a week are ideal for hourly pay. You should employ a freelancer in this arrangement.

Fixed Price

Fixed prices are ideal for large, complex websites that take months to develop. You should hire a full-cycle agency with all actions included in the pricing in this arrangement.


Keep in mind that website development costs vary depending on various factors like complexity, web development technology, timeframes, and more.

1. Cost of Hiring a Freelancer to Build a Website of Medium Complexity

Hiring a freelancer to create a medium-complexity website will cost you approximately $2,500 per site. A professional portfolio or a simple online store could cost as little as $1,000. Depending on the elements and functionality you require, the cost can reach $3,000 every week.

2. Cost of Hiring an Agency to Build a Website of Medium Complexity

A website of medium complexity built by an agency can cost up to $50,000. The cost of hiring an agency to create a company's website begins at $10,000. Prepare to pay up to $50,000 for full-cycle services such as SEO, maintenance, and support.

Remember to factor the cost of your prospective project into the major considerations. You must be certain that your chosen candidate provides excellent value for money. While exceptional web developers and web designers fetch high fees, there are still several less expensive possibilities for finding an experienced professional. You must think about the risks, compare and contrast many options, maintain track of the budget, and stay focused on the most important aspects of your project's success.