Does it cost to put an app on the app Store?

Does it cost to put an app on the app Store? Learn about the financial costs of launching a mobile application in this post.

Another factor to consider when funding your app is the cost of publishing it on an app store. Launching your mobile app in an app store is the most critical step. This is where users will access your app and where they will download it. While launching software may cost you money, it is an important investment as this will be the way for your app to get the attention it deserves.  In this post, we will walk you through the publication process and give you an idea of how much money you will need to get your app published in the app store.

What is an App Store?

According to Wikipedia, an app store is any digital storefront that allows users to browse for and review software titles or other material that is available for purchase electronically. The application storefront itself, crucially provides a safe, consistent experience that automates the electronic purchase, decryption, and installation of software programs or other digital media. 

How to Be an App Developer on Appstore?

Apple App Store

• If you don't have an Apple developer account yet, go to the Apple Developer Site and click the Account icon on the upper right portion of the  screen.

• You can either create a new Apple ID, utilize an existing one, or use the Apple ID that you are already using for iTunes transactions.

• Enter your email address, password, and security details.

• Complete the remaining security questions and the captcha prompt by scrolling down.

• Get a verification code via email.

• Enter the code and click "Continue" on the following screen.

• Enter your new ID into the developer site.

• The mandatory legal agreement is on the next page. When you're finished, check the box and click the "Submit" button.

• There you go. You have just become an Apple developer! Even if you primarily have access to libraries and tools, you will still have to join the premium program in order to submit apps to the app store.

How to Publish an App on the App Store (Apple vs Google)

Apple App Store

1. Gather App Information

2. Create a Bundle Identifier, a Certificate Signing Request, an App Store Production Certificate, Production Provisioning Profile, and an App Store Listing

3. Make the release build then Fill in the Version Information and Submit Version for Review.

4. Afterwards, you can release the app. Don’t forget to Collect the required information such as the name and icon of the app, detailed features, separate keywords, support, marketing, and privacy policy URLs, rating-based questionnaire, copyright, and demo account.

Google Play Store

1. Launch the Play Console.

2. Choose All applications > Create app.

3. Choose a default language and enter the name of your app as it will appear on Google Play. This can be changed afterward.

4.Indicate if your app is an app or a game. This can be changed afterward.

5. Indicate if your app is free or paid.

6. In the "Declarations" section: Observe the declarations "Developer Program Policies" and "US Export Laws."

7. Accept the Terms of Service for the Play App Signing.

8. Choose to 'Create an app".

9. After you've created your app, you can begin configuring it. The dashboard for your app will walk you through all of the necessary processes to obtain your app on Google Play.

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How Much Would It Cost to Publish an App on an App Store

Apple App Store

Becoming an Apple developer is free but it does not allow you to submit an app to the App Store. If you don't have an Apple developer account yet, you have to take note that the Apple App Store Fee for users is $99 per year. This is what you will need to be able to submit an app to the iOS App Store.

Google Play Store

Google Play console functions as a backup control center through which developers submit Android Play Store apps. A developer can establish an account with functionality and control features for a one-time price of $25. However, you may submit apps to the Google Play Store for free after paying this one-time charge.

final thoughts

Both the Google Play Store and the App Store have similar revenue allocation policies: 70% of profit goes to developers and 30% goes to the store. Although Google Play is more publisher-friendly in general, Apple's App Store reigns supreme in terms of quality usage. Therefore, it is important to consider all aspects of both costs and revenue in pushing through the launching and publication processes.

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