Do app owners earn money?

Do app owners earn money? Find out how much mobile app owners earn through this post.

In terms of sales and downloads, the market for free apps has always outpaced that for paid ones. 96.8% of Android apps are free as of 2022. On the Google Play Store, only 3.2% of Android apps are paid. But how can owners of free apps make money?

8 Most Popular Revenue Models for How Do Free Apps Make Money


When it comes to free apps making money, advertising is most likely the most popular and straightforward to implement. It is also carried out via a third-party ad network. An app owner only needs to include advertisements inside their mobile application to monetize it. They can also choose affiliate marketing and receive payment from outside ad networks.  

The best approach to make money off of applications is seen to be through advertising. You are only needed to display your advertising within the mobile application as the app owner. Then, you can easily get compensated through third-party networks and advertisements.


The best app monetization technique is thought to involve using a subscription model. App owners have the option to temporarily provide free content in their apps. After that, they can charge users a subscription fee to give them unrestricted access to all of the content.

Selling Merchandise

Selling products with your mobile apps is another creative strategy. To offer real products like toys, clothes, shoes, and other items, several e-commerce companies create free versions of their websites. These tangible goods may be purchased either directly through the app or email promotion.  

 In-App Purchases

Direct in-app purchases are conducted within the free mobile apps, and the process is typically relatively straightforward. The majority of the time, in-app purchases are utilized to gain access to exclusive material or features like powerups, level restrictions, or extra features. The ability to sell a range of virtual goods straight from the app is made possible by the in-app purchase mechanism.


One of the less popular forms of monetization is sponsorship. It may still be a clever tactic, though. If the publisher of the mobile application creates the ideal specialized app for a certain demographic and launches it on behalf of another organization, sponsorship in mobile applications can be a potent app monetization approach.

Referral Marketing

It entails advertising a good or service from a third party to maximize revenue possibilities. Based on the number of clicks or installs, app owners can advertise or market the goods or services of affiliates. Pop-up advertisements can be used to advertise goods or to promote other people's apps.

Collecting and Selling Data

In terms of user behavior or other app usage, apps gather a lot of user data. Many researchers are interested in all of these user behavioral data. This implies that app owners can profit handsomely by selling these researchers the behavioral data of their users.

Freemium Upsell

Apps that are free to download but have paid or premium features are known as freemium apps. Through in-app purchases, users can access these features. Users can download this kind of freemium app without having to pay anything. If users enjoy the app's content, they can purchase to have access to all of its features.

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