Appy pie review

Curious about Appy pie? Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of using it in this Appy Pie review.

A drag-and-drop app builder is an incredible tool, particularly for inexperienced developers. Because no coding is necessary for Appy Pie, navigation will be easier and simpler. With over 10 million apps generated, Appy Pie offers a diverse range of app types that may be built without any programming skills. In this article, we will examine Appy App's performance to assist you in selecting a suitable app builder for your concept.

What is Appy Pie?

DIY app maker in 3 Easy Steps with no coding required. Appy Pie is the Most Convenient Way to Create a Mobile App. Begin Right Now and obtain New Clients! 10 million apps have been developed and Customer service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Appy Pie has a free trial plan as well as a Basic plan that costs $16 per month.

Features and Functions

Appy App allows you to create:

Church Application

Create a church app and stay in touch with your congregation anytime you want. With your church app, you may accept donations, offer Bible lessons, send audio messages, provide live sermons, and much more.

On-Demand Delivery App

Create an app that allows people to book delivery services anytime they want to start their own on-demand delivery business. Make your app more convenient by including live tracking and auto-payment options.

Business App

Create an app for your business in minutes without any coding knowledge and get ahead of your competition online. With your company app, you can increase business exposure and keep in touch with clients around the clock

Radio App

Whether you're an RJ, VJ, or DJ, Appy Pie's app creator can help you create a radio or music app in no time. Now is the time to enable in-app purchases in your app, sell your music library, and discover simple methods to monetize your radio app!

Restaurant App

Create a restaurant app that allows consumers to easily order food online or reserve a table at the restaurant. Send push alerts, provide discount coupons, and provide live order monitoring to increase consumer traffic to your business.

Taxi Booking App

Make a taxi booking app that allows your users to book a cab with you in real-time. Update your app's users on the driver's location, booking status, specials, and discounts.

E-Commerce App

With your eCommerce app, you can sell anything, anytime, and anywhere. Allow different payment ways, give push alerts, offer discount coupons, and other features to make it easier for consumers to purchase anything they want.

Dating App

Create an online dating app and allow your app users to locate their ideal mate by swiping right. Send push alerts and updates to your clients to keep them engaged while also allowing them to discover a special someone in their desired location.
Refer to their website for more detailed information.

Why is it Good?​

Even if you don't know much about app development, the app is really simple to use. It also creates applications for your company using text or speech input, and the platform selects the best features for your app using AI. It requires no coding knowledge and provides unlimited customization as well as 24/7 customer assistance to assist you in creating and publishing your app.
Apart from these claims, their great engagement and service are exceptional. The structure and platform are also impressive. The customizing capacity is good, as is the extremely quick operation in IOS and Android, and, most significantly, the superb technical assistance is accessible at all times, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

What are its Drawbacks?

Unfortunately, some reviews indicate that it does not function with all location services. In certain circumstances, Apple continues to reject the publication. There have also been reports that it might be difficult to complete simple activities or make modifications. Finally, even though it offers endless customization, you cannot alter content as much as you would want. Apps can only be designed in a few ways, and they all seem dated.


Despite the drawbacks, Appy App has received more positive feedback. It is most popular for its ease of use and usually excellent customer service and technical assistance. You will be able to construct your app with ease and no coding knowledge for only $16.

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